Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Contest Update!

Okay, so there is much craziness going on with the ARC contest! I thought I would post a brief (unofficial) update.

These are rough numbers, if they look wonky to you, and on the last day of the contest, I will be going back through every single comment, tallying again, and checking the entries to make sure they indeed have the cover and a link to the pre-order page.

But I figured I would do a shout out to our three front runners (and the only ones that by my count have so far gotten the five entries needed to qualify):

Steph Su has managed to get 5 friends to post!

babytoaster has 14!

And Team Raving Pen has 24!

So right now Raving Pen is in the lead (and 26 commenters away from doubling the prizes) but as the contest runs until the 15th, it's still anybody's game.

And a weird, weird game it has turned out to be! whoo!

Again, this is a mirrored post from my Livejournal blog. I'll stop saying that now.

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Shelli said...

I got til tomorrow :)

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