Friday, May 15, 2009

The Results are In!

First of all, I wanted to thank everybody for a completely unbelievable contest. You guys were incredibly enthusiastic and generous and I appreciate you spreading the word about SHIVER around the cyberspace. All told, SHIVER's cover and info got posted on over one hundred and fifty blogs in a week. Um. That is totally crazy!

Anyway, so thanks to all of you. I wish I could give something cool to all of you. For the runners up, I've decided that i'm sending the team leader a signed copy of LAMENT and doing 5 critiques of 5 pages for any team members the leader chooses.

And of course, for the winning team, the prizes doubled when they hit 50, so it's all the prizes you see on the right:

- 3 ARCs of SHIVER, signed
- 8 signed copies of LAMENT
- a critique of five pages for every team member on the winning team (that would be represented by my smiling mug in that image)

So a huge congratulations to Team Raving Pen, helmed by goadingthepen, ravelda, and annemariewrites! I'll need each of you to send me an address so that I can send an ARC and a few LAMENTs to each of you (team leaders will disseminate these as they see fit).

As to the critiques, please send me an email by Monday letting me know that you will be sending me pages if you don't have the pages ready to send. Put CONTEST CRITIQUE and your story title in the subject line, so I know what it is (I get about 1800 emails a month, so this will make my life about two hundred times easier) and try to avoid using titles like MAKE YOUR MEMBER BIGGER or STOP BEING INTIMIDATED BY THAT MIDGET IN YOUR PANTS because they will go to my spam and be lost Forever.

Send everything to maggiestiefvater Aht gmail doht com. Except run it all together and obviously use @ and . I will tackle crits in the order that I get them.

Also, for critiques, I have three levels of burn. Let me know what's good for you when you send it your 5 pages.

1. I am a delicate lily. Point out my strengths and crit gently, please, so my petals don't fall off.
2. I am a petunia. I can take a lot, but if you step on me, dying is an option.
3. I am a dandelion. Lay it on me. I'll still be here when you're done.

Send the 5 pages either in the body of the email, as a .doc, or as an .rtf.

Phew. And without further ado, here are the members of Team Raving Pen (I think I got everyone, team leaders, let me know if I omitted anyone).


1. ravelda
2. goadingthepen
3. jessica_shea
4. britlitfantwin
5. shanasilver
6. music_lover3
7. eshakespear
8. edgyauthor
9. robinellen
10. juliakarr
11. lisa_schroeder
12. authorwithin
13. kbaccellia
14. latteya
15 eclectic_writer
16 carriejones
17 __bac__
18 sruble
19 gag01001
20 cyn2write
21 carrie_boo
22 afraclose
23 azang
24 inkbabies
25 kathys_shadow
26 crzywritermindi
27 veschwab
28 aliensplicer
29 dragonflame_05
30 brian_ohio
31 jeniwrites
32 denisejaden
33 tmthomas
34 coloradowriter
35 mandywriter
36 heatherkb
37 tamarak
38 janel_harrison
39 lillpluta
40 lalam
41 kristydempsey
42 miladyinsanity
43 elissadcruz
44 ecm_sketches
45 sixverstein
47 aerinrose
48 pamm
49 lookingforalaskamusic
50 Bonibleaux Designs
51 learningtoread
52 arya_darcy
53 futuredoctor19
54 lindajsingleton
55 astres
56 confusedlook
57 zibeth
58 ebenstone
59 slushy_one
60 sarahlepstein
61 fandoria
62 bleauxleaux
63 sboman
64 bbovenguy
65 suzelle
66 sahm2
67 dawn_metcalf
68 queenofthefae
69 rosemaryinwheat
70 katharinethayer
71 sgchris
72 patesden
73 zhonghua2000
74 saffronlie
75 ladydaydream
76 rebness
77 pandorasblog
78 scrr

Thanks again to everyone for playing!!!!
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