Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Retreating is Not Always a Bad Thing

I am trying to avoid starting this post with 'so'. It is kind of you guys to not point out that I have been starting every post with 'so'.


I have just learned really exciting news about someone else that is making me gleeful at the moment, but it's secret, so of course, I can't tell you. And I also have exciting news about myself, but it's secret, so of course, I also can't tell you. But I do have a third piece of information that is probably only interesting to the parties involved. But it's not secret. So I'm telling you.

I'm going on a writer's retreat! Me and eight other YA authors have rented a house in Savannah and we're going to hole up and work on Secret Projects we can't tell you about so that we can create more Secret News that we can't tell you about and then GLARGH

There is nothing more disgusting than the sound of a cat drinking stolen milk. Did you notice? There is something about the way it sounds when a cat is drinking out of a bowl on top of a table instead of on the floor or on the washing machine or other cat-appropriate places. That's revolting. Anyway. I have moved both cat and bowl, so I'm fine now. Where was I?

Oh yes. Savannah. Georgia. One of my chief requirements for this was that it involve Spanish Moss, so there had better be gobs of it. (These photos would suggest that there will be). Anyway, this whole idea of retreating and running rampant with other authors in our pajamas and split infinitives was actually 's idea, so I'm sad she couldn't make it. So instead, I'll be writing deathless YA prose on a Secret Project with Tessa Gratton, Brenna Yovanoff, Heidi Kling, Carrie Ryan, Jackson Pearce, Linda Joy Singleton, Dawn Metcalf, and Jackie Dolamore.

I am revoltingly excited about this, especially meeting my two crit partners in person for the first time. I'm not anticipating much sleep will happen. You can follow us on twitter at GothicGirls, too.

whoo hoo! anyone know any good indies near Savannah?

(images of Savannah from here and here)
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