Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three Things on a Thursday

1. Contest update! The two front-runners are still Team Raving Pen and Team Babytoaster. They are neck in neck with 37 for Raving Pen (I keep wanting to type RavenClaw I have no idea why) and Hufflepuff . . . I mean, Babytoaster, is at 34. I really think one of them might make it to 50 to double the prizes! The deadline is tomorrow, so if you feel like playing, the link is above.

2. I just got off the phone with editor MixTape, talking revision stuff for LINGER. Thank goodness, he loves it. He said it was a "worthy successor to SHIVER." I think I must have been vibrating with nerves for the past few weeks, because I feel so utterly relieved now. His suggestions were the best sort of editorial suggestions: the ones that feel like they came out of your own head, if your own head was completely objective and intensely clever. Time to celebrate! Caffeine and revisions for everyone!

3. My cat Moose fell into our aquarium today. This is how it went down:

ME: What the . . . ?
MOOSE: *inside aquarium* *observing fish without concern*
FISH: We're going to die!
ME: I think you're right.
MOOSE: *getting waterlogged*
ME: *removing cat and putting outside*
FISH: We're suing.

Apparently, Moose was sitting on top of the aquarium, staring at the fish, and his fat butt busted the plexiglass top, plunging both butt and top into the aquarium.

Moose is unapologetic. Also, he smells like a fish tank.

I have taken the liberty of populating this post with art I have done of Moose and Moose thinking of himself as art.

(Moose gets away with a lot, by the way, because he has paid my rent many times over. Back when I was an artist, he was a model for a lot of my pieces.)
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