Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Five: The Giant Edition

1. My Friday fiction is up at Merry Sisters of Fate. Our common prompt this week was an image of a giant, and I have to confess, it is very hard to be inspired by a giant when your chosen genre is Angst. Brenna and Tess had managed theirs on Monday and Wednesday, however, so I wrote mine about a giant and a Jaguar.

2. I have dates for both my SHIVER and BALLAD release parties. How early do you guys think I should announce these things? I'm torn between giving people time to plan and making it close enough to the event that it's relevant/ they don't forget.

3. I am rereading The Golden Bough (which for you muggles is about folklore and mythology) and there's a bit where they talk about kings and taboos and there's a bunch of beliefs about kings where you can't reuse the dishware that they eat out of, so they break it after he eats out of it. Have these guys never heard of reduce, reuse, recycle? All I can think is that "Corelle must do crap sales there."

4. I have been contemplating buying another set of bagpipes lately. It's sort of become my obsession since the weather got warm. I played them competitively in college and they were my life, basically, until I was hit by a drunk driver that messed up my teeth and made the pipes physically painful to play. In a fit of angst that I normally reserve for my characters, I sold my pipes a few years ago, so I wouldn't have to look at them knowing I couldn't play. Now, though . . . my teeth are obligingly dying at the roots (because of said trauma) and I'm thinking, maybe it won't hurt as much. I can play my practice chanter without too much twitching. I'm thinking, I want a set of pipes. I'm not really me without them. Hmmm . ..

5. Song obsession for the week: Living Things' "Oxygen".

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