Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gothic Girls Return!

Okay. So. Gothic Girls. Five days of absolute win (and hilarity, and some alcohol, as you can tell from our Twitter feed). For those of you just joining our broadcast, the Gothic Girls retreat was nine YA authors (Carrie Ryan, Jackie Dolamore, Heidi Kling, Linda Joy Singleton, Jackson Pearce, Dawn Metcalf, Brenna Yovanoff, & Tessa Gratton. And me) getting literarilly refreshed in Savannah, Georgia, a location chosen for its Spanish Moss (ooh pretty) and because I was dying to see if there was someplace more humid than Virginia (there is). I would assault you with photographs, only I brought my camera sans a memory card, which makes it . . . not work. So I got nuthin. Nada. The prettiful picture you saw yesterday was taken by a tourist holding Linda's camera.

Anyway, the retreat was hugely productive. Not so much in the area of word count (though I think Tessa managed to post fiction over at merry_fates), but in these other areas, we ruled:

1) Meeting the other Merry Sisters of Fate in person. The world did not explode when I met Tessa, who is my literary clone. There was not even a tiny rip in the time-space continuum. I'm not sure if I was pleased or disappointed.

2) Plot brainstorming ("Maggie," observes Carrie, "You are doing that book all wrong.")(she was right)

3) Staying awake 20 hours at a time. ("Maggie," observes Tessa, "It is 3 a.m. We should sleep.")(we did not)

4) Talking about the business. And other writers. (Yes, we talked about you.)(Were your ears burning?)

5) Walking on dead people. ("Savannah is a necropolis," announces the tour guide, "Because there are people buried under the streets.")(Tessa: "Cool.")

6) Laying out our 5 year goals ("All I want is a Printz," Heidi announces.)

7) Talking about what milestones we need to reach to feel that we've 'arrived.' ("All I want is a Printz," Heidi announces.)

8) Graveyard walking. At one point, graveyard squirrels and Brenna were having some kind of stare-down fest. (Brenna *hushed*: "The tree is full of squirrels.")

9) Getting honked at while soaked to the skin -- note to self, you can always get wetter. (Does a honk mean "where's your umbrella?" or "you're hot when your clothing is pasted to your skin with rain" or "need a ride?" or just "stay in the crosswalk"?)

10) Making of awesome videos:

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