Thursday, July 30, 2009

Launch Party in Williamsburg, VA Reminder

Okay, first things first. For anyone who didn't already know, I'm having the launch party for SHIVER on August 7th in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. And I would love for any and all to come. There will be a gift basket giveaway from Wythe's Candy (the candy shop I basically ripped off for the candy shop scene in SHIVER), a giveaway for a free school or library visit, and face-painting and play-doh station for the urchins. Also I will be signing SHIVERs and being rambunctious. And Colonial Williamsburg is gorgeous. Worth the trip. Also, Busch Gardens is there, too, if you're of the roller coaster persuasion (I recommend the Loch Ness Monster if they haven't changed its name).

I've mentioned it once before but as it draws near, I wanted to mention it again (specially since I have a lot of new readers in the past few weeks). Details and place to RSVP are here.

Monkey snoozesAnd to make up for talking about boring details of launch parties, I will do kittenspam. This is our new kitten -- well, technically, it is Thing 1's new kitten, but I don't think that counts as I'm the one doing the scooping of pooping and it's my lap she's sitting on right now -- accidentally acquired at a car show last weekend. Her name is Monkey and she is impossible to scare, very tolerant of being stretched by children, and likes our dogs.

She also stole a hamburger bun off the table the other day and ate it. That was after she stole a chocolate chip cookie the size of her head and ate it.

Those were interesting poos.

Also, SHIVER has been spotted in the wild at multiple Barnes & Nobles and indies. Kristina Springer, who wrote THE ESPRESSOLOGIST (which i have already pre-ordered long ago), sent me this photo of SHIVERs at Anderson's Bookstore in Naperville. I'd love for anyone who saw a particularly impressive display of SHIVERs to snap a cell photo and send it to me! Wow, the grammar in that sentence hurts me.

And finally, to conclude this Epic Post, I will be doing a BALLAD contest/ giveaway in the middle of next month. So stay tuned.

Colonial Williamsburg photo from Bill


SHERI C said...

I can only be there in spirit! I live too far away. Sniff Sniff. I hope it is a huge success!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

I appreciate in spirit!

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