Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vomiting (as depicted in art) and Maggie Acting Out of Character

First, I must include a random photo of the most distressing cake I have ever made. Thing 1's birthday party was yesterday and she requested a princess cake on short notice, with low provisions. So I was forced to create the Fugly Cake with princesses baked inside. I am displaying it here for everyone who as ever asked me "Maggie, what can't you do?"

That, my friends, is my answer.

Anyway, onto my anecdote. The other day I was driving down from a fairly disastrous trip to an Elizabeth Scott book signing (disastrous because there was no Elizabeth Scott there). In tow I had my sister and Thing 1 & Thing 2.

Anyway, on the way back, to make up for sitting in traffic on the Devil's Vortex of Doom, High Blood Pressure, and Wankers in Porsches*, my sister asked if we could stop at this antiques place that always had cool furniture sitting out front. Since I'd just subjected her to five hours of driving, I acquiesced.

*otherwise known as I-95

I am not normally an antiques person. I did not even realize that 'antique' could be a verb until a few years ago. So I was largely disinterested. I did, however, find myself highly attracted to this mug/ stein thing. As you can see at the right, it depicts people dancing in pairs, holding fiddles, and . . . vomiting. I mean, what is that guy doing there on the left? Do you see him? The one with the string of something coming from his mouth?

I am pretty sure that is an excess of Heineken, right there.

Anyway, so if you guys ever wanted to know what kind of things would spur me to act out of character and spending money, now you know. Salt-glazed German guys playing music and vomiting artistically.

You have a better explanation for what that gentleman is doing?


BJW said...

That is awesome!

JKB said...

Probably not Heineken, 'cause it's Dutch. But certainly Alt or Weissbier! :-) Very funny cake, btw.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Is it Dutch!? I couldn't find out anything about the letters stamped on the bottom through googling.

ElegantSnobbery said...

That cake... it's... beautiful.

At least that is what my 4 year old Thing 1 said as she saw the picture over my shoulder. And she didn't even know about the princesses baked inside, which would cause her to love it even more.

I bet your Thing 1 thought it was beautiful, too.

(I'm not going to mention that princess baked inside a cake kinda creeps me out)

And that mug = awesome.

Jazz said...

At first I thought he was wearing a cape. But no, that is vomit.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Marisa, aw, thanks. Yes, Thing 1 liked it hugely, even without Disney Princesses busting out all over.

And Jazz, yes. I was thinking . . . scarf? um . . . bong? didjeridoo? Nay. Vomit.

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