Friday, July 17, 2009

What I Said in the Last Post, Except This Time, with Pictures

So, photos from ALA. As usual, clicky on them to see them larger.

My publicist observed that this photo looks like I'm wearing a SHIVER sandwichboard. This has made me desperately want another one of these to wear and parade up and down my hometown sidewalks.

Me and the Sandwich Board

Does this Bean make my butt look big?

Me & the Bean

Me and Patricia Wrede and the Scholastic Literary Brunch. Funny, you can't see the icicles forming on my ear lobes.

Patricia Wrede & Maggie

The group signing for Scholastic. First just me. Those pigtails, by the way, will haunt me forever. Decisions made at 6 o'clock in the morning, particularly hair decisions, should not carry such weight.

Me Signing

Then me and Mark Teague, making me look more crazy than I really am because he is so normal and nice.

Mark Teague & Me

Me being interviewed by Becky Anderson at the Anderson Bookstore Warehouse.

Me Being interviewed, II

Me signing the first boxes of hardcover SHIVERs, destined to be hidden away until the release date! I have discovered that regular pens trump Sharpies when signing the finished copies, as the finished copies have rougher pages. Just in case you were wondering. I know you were.

Me signing books

Finally, me with the folks from Anderson's -- they were so great! Weird to think that I thought when I saw them, "Oh, a nice small group." I have been brainwashed.

Anderson's Bookstore Pre Publication Event

Anderson's Bookstore, Show of Hands


Ella Press said...

Beautiful pics!
And I loved your hair! ;)
Thanks for sharing <3

ReaderGirl said...

Ahw, how fun! ^^ Looks like a great time all around, hope I get to go one of these years!

Particularly jealous of people who got copies of Shiver! :( The wait is starting to ware me down... xP

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Thank you, Ella!

And the wait is almost over, can you believe it? *vibrates nervously*

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