Monday, August 17, 2009

And the Shiver Audio Contest! The Movie Star Edition

Okay, and now the second contest. The promised contest for the Shiver audio books!

I've been asked approximately a million times who I was choose to play Sam and Grace if Shiver was made into a movie, and that inspired me to finally post this contest. This one is a lot simpler than the BALLAD contest.

I will give away one audio book for every fifty entries (so fifty entries means that I will randomly pick one winner, seventy five means I will randomly pick two, one hundred ten means I pick three, etc.), and you enter simply by posting a comment here saying who you would cast as Sam and Grace in a hypothetical Shiver movie. With links, pretty please, so that I can see!

On Friday, 9:30 EST, I'll pick winners through some mysterious means, and then I'll post who I would cast. Sound good? Go!

ETA: My crit partner, Tessa, informs me I sound incoherent with my math. I meant that I would give out 1 audio if I got 1-50 responses. Another if I got anything over 50 (50-100), and another in the next bracket of 50 (100-150). Etc. Savvy?


Ella Press said...

I thought those maths were off.
I'll try to think of sth, seeing that I've yet to read Shiver.

Kristen said...

Woot! I can't wait to find out who you would pick Maggie! Please enter me!

Emma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chloeee said...

Wellll I haven't read Shiver yet. Can I enter anyways? :D


Emma said...

I really want to read Shiver! I love your book trailer. I want to win this one, enter me please!

Zia said...

I loved Shiver and really want to listen to it now. I've been thinking and thinking all morning and all I could come up with is Leelee Sobieski well a younger her, kinda like she was in her movie Heaven on Earth. I have yet to come up with a male actor who Sam reminds me of yet.


a flight of minds said...

Erm, haven't actually read Shiver. So I don't know who'd be good to play Grace and Sam. Is it possible to still be entered without actually suggesting actors? :/


Tynga said...

Well i haven't read shiver yet so it's kinda hard to pick actors to play them not knowing there physical description.
But I would love to win a copy =)

tynga85 at hotmail dot com

Leslie said...

never read the series but the way my friend described the novel i would have to cast:

Sam: Penn Badgley

Grace: a younger version of Rachel McAdams

this is awesome!

leslie-lv at hotmail dot com

Wanda said...

I would cast Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!!
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

readnowsleeplater said...

Oh, what, hey! I would *love* this on audio!

I'd cast Amanda Seyfried as Grace for some reason. I like to think that she plays a great ditz because she harbors great contempt for stupid people, and she'd have that much in common with Grace ^_^.

I'd pick Jamie Bell for Sam. He has a wolfish look about him.

Laughing Stars said...

I'd like to enter, too. I love the actor question, but it's a tough one. When I read Shiver, I formed specific mental images of each character, and I don't know of any young actors who are even close to fitting those images. *LOL* But ... hmmm ... how about Shia LeBoeuf as Sam (with lenses to make his eyes golden, of course) -- he has a bit of a lean, hungry look about him. Dakota Fanning would make a nice Grace. A talented duo!


Laughing Stars said...

Oh ... I forgot the links



Wendy said...

For Grace, Emily Browning, she's just what I imagined.

And for Sam,
Xavier Samuel.
or a video (with swearing beware) on imdb

Both Aussies but both do great American Accents and both work in America now. See, I've really thought about this LOL.

Teddyree said...

Ok I haven't read Shiver yet but I'm busting too, awesome contest!!

I have 2 suggestions for Grace - AnnaSophia Robb (from Race to Witch Mountain) or
Ellen Page

I have 2 suggestions for Sam
Taylor Kitsch (his eyes are kind of golden looking)
or Shia LaBeouf

The Eclectic Reader

Zia said...

RE: Teddyree said Taylor Kitsch (his eyes are kind of golden looking)

Ooh ya he would be awesome!!

Ashley said...

wow this is so exciting. this is an awesome contest.for grace i would pick kay panabaker

For sam i would pick Jacob Kraemer

They would be great.


Anonymous said...

Sam - Chace Crawford -

Grace - Demi Lovato -

DearLola said...

i would actually love to see unknown actors play the part of Grace and Sam while reading i never imagined anyone famous to play them. i remember the first time i was reading Shiver this new boy walked into my Chemistry class and he WAS Sam. he was everything i thought Sam would be minus yellow eyes. he sort of looks like Ben Whishaw but younger of course!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Hahah, Lola!

balletchica13 said...

i would cast Grace as Amanda Seyfried

and Sam as Gaspard Ulliel hes French but really talented and has that pale emo look that i think your looking for.

(just google him) btw my favorite movie that he is in is called the very long engagment. its in french with english subtitles. its sad but also a beautifully heartwrenching movie.

Anonymous said...

Hi I absolutely loved your book! And I think that I look exactly like Rachel in Shiver. How you described her. Please pick me:)

Anonymous said...

Why not take some new people in the movie? It would be more fun to look at!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I could imagine Sam Bell from the movie Nowhere Boy as Sam, where he had the part of George Harrison. Aaron Johnson would be a good choice, too. btw both of them can sing and play the guitar. :)

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