Thursday, August 20, 2009

Behind the Ballad Trailer: A Semi-Coherent V-log

I wanted to do a behind the scenes post about the Ballad trailer, but I realized that it is better served by visuals. So, for your viewing enjoyment, first, four frames from the trailer, showing the line drawings and how they can make people cry. And then, my first ever official v-log about the music. So if you wanted to know more about the music or just wanted to see where I write, here ya go. Let me know if you want to see more of the art or know more of the process behind that.

Also. Um. Shiver just hit #3 on the NYT Bestseller List. This is . . . um. Surreal. In case you guys were wondering if you ever get used to it? No. You don't. I've actually gotten emails from booksellers letting me know that they are sold out and waiting for new shipments, because all the distributors are sold out as well. Also, I've been informed that it's available in Canada from Scholastic UK and will be available in Australia from Scholastic Australia in November. And that my head has just popped off.


Letter Garden said...

What a delightful vlog! :D How many instruments can you play?

Maggie Stiefvater said...

um . . . some well? some not well? Piano, bagpipes, tin whistle, guitar, bodhran (that's the poor drum), harp, and . . . no, I think that's it. I really, really would like a cello . . .

Ella Press said...

That was you playing that music on the trailers? WOW.

And congrats on Shiver hitting #3 on the NYT Bestseller List!!!


Mariah said...

Wow you are good at so many things! Write, draw, play many instruments! Amazing!

Congratulations on #3 lets hope for #1!

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