Monday, August 3, 2009

I Swear I Will Stop Posting about SHIVER soon

Me in Fountain BookstoreI swear my next post will not be a SHIVER one. I swear it. But I need to post the millions of links that I have for the blog tour already, because if I wait until Friday, the list will go on forEVER. Also, on my release day, we took my family out to my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world and then went searching in Richmond for evidence of SHIVERs in the wild. And found them -- both at Barnes & Noble and at Fountain Bookstore, the indie that is holding my launch party for BALLAD in October. Good stuff!

My sister was kind enough to snap photos of me observing SHIVERs in their natural habitat.

Also, I found out two things today.

1) Flavonoids are in tea. And they are good for you, apparently, even though they rhyme with "android."
2) SHIVER got a starred review in Publisher's Weekly. These are also good for you.

And here is the list of places involved in my blog tour this week. I've mentioned if they're doing giveaways, so you can try to score a copy of SHIVER or some art or something else fun. There is also >gasp< a giveaway for a BALLAD ARC in there too.
Interview & giveaway. on what it was like seeing the hardcover for the first time.

interview and giveaway for a piece of SHIVER art by moi.
interview. on lessons to be learned from SHIVER, or not. win a signed finished copy of SHIVER

Me in Barnes & Noble
writerly interview where I answer what the strangest clothing is that I’ve ever worn.
interview where you find out one thing that I WILL NOT EAT
interview. on branding yourself as a writer.
Contest of awesomeness- win signed SHIVER and a signed BALLAD
rather funny interview asking which about why wolves. instead of bears, for instance. and what’s up with the one word titles?
interview on which came first, writing, music, or art.

interview which asks how I survived being a teen and what some of the ideas were that didn’t make it to the page.
blog post on how Scholastic and SHIVER made a clean, non-swearing girl out of me.
interview and giveaway on writing as a career and how to get there.

guest blog post on how there are one thousand ways to write the same plot.
Interview about the writing process
Interview about how I got to be the weird way i am.
Interview with Sam and Grace

Let me know if I've left anyone off this list and I'll catch you on the Friday round up!


Ravenous Reader said...

Thank you for bringing all those interviews together. I am catching up on all of them and thanks again for the mention. Congrats on all the Shiver sightings

Maggie Stiefvater said...

You're welcome! Thank YOU!

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