Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Which Shiver Moves Up and Thing 2 Moves Out

The following just happened in the Stiefvater household.

My friend Carrie: Do you know if you're still on the [NYT] list?
Thing 2, aged 4: I don't like this house.
Me: I don't know. It's not really time yet.
Carrie: Well sometimes it takes awhile to get through the house.
Thing 2: I would like to live at Nonnie's.
Me: Thing 2, you can't live at Nonnie's. We can visit her tomorrow.
Carrie: Tell me when you find out.
Me: I will.
Thing 2 (putting on his boots): I'm going to walk to Nonnie's.
Me: Thing 2, it's five miles. You will get smushed on the road.
Carrie: I can't wait!
Thing 2: I will walk on the grass.

*phone call*

Thing 2: I'm going to live with Nonnie forever.
Me: I thought you wanted a bath.
Thing 2: Nonnie has a bathtub.
Phone: Hi. Maggie? This is David.
David: *is Maggie's editor with superpowers*
Me (to self): OMG. David phone call = Catastrophes. Miracles. Moving up the list. Bunnies transmogrified into authors for the first time in a lab in South East Asia.
David: We're not going to call you every week, now, but . . .
Thing 2: I'm leaving now.
Me: !!!
David: How does number five sound?
Thing 1, aged 5: I'm going to miss Thing 2 when he's living at Nonnie's.
Me: *strangled noise* *possibly coherent statement?*
Thing 2: *opens door*
Me: *throws herself in front of door.*
Chorus of Publicists: This is awesome! This is amazing! You moved FOUR SPOTS!
Publicist 1: In the right direction.
Me: *possibly another coherent statement*
Thing 2: I need to go to Nonnie's RIGHT NOW! She's my NEW family! *breaks loose and runs into yard*
David: *has possibly been speaking for a minute without Maggie focusing on words* . . . we are so happy. Congratulations. #5 on the NYT List.
Chorus of Publicists: Congrats!!
Thing 1: Mama, Thing 2's escaped. I'm going to draw a picture of our family without him.
Me: Thank you so, so much.
Thing 2: *heading towards street*
Thing 1: You don't have to say thank you, Mama. I like to draw.

In other news, I owe people posts. I need to do a round up of the second half of the blog tour. And I need to do an audio book post. And I need to do a rundown of the launch. These things will happen. I swear they will.


Sara said...

I laughed. Out loud.

Seriously though, congrats! You deserve it!

Deborah Paris said...

How far did he get? Congrats!

Zia said...

LoL congrats!

Angiegirl said...

Grin. I picture you as Elastigirl from The Incredibles in that scene.


Mim said...

Congrats! The entire thing reminds me of what my children would be doing if I had such great and wonderful news. You made me laugh!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

LOL, Thing 2 didn't even make it near the road. I've got speedy legs!

And thanks!

Jessica Kennedy said...

I LOL'd! :) Thanks for sharing! Kids are too cute!

Shelli said...

congrads - it is well deserved!

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