Sunday, September 20, 2009

BALLAD has entered the building!

If there was a thought bubble above my head right now, it would contain this:

If you're thinking, but that's nothing, you would be right. Because my mind has shorted out.

Barnes & Noble is now listing Ballad as "in stock" and available to ship! Early! I always get all psychologically prepared for the big release date and then reliably get my legs pulled out from under me when it gets in stock early.

Plus, I just got my author copies on Friday. Which means I'll be shipping out contest winners' books too. And the lovely fun contest, the funnest of them all, will be going up on Tuesday.

But for now WHOOHOO! Ballad is in the house!*

*and as always, if you want to make an author very happy and you're going to buy their book, do it it's released when at all possible, because it makes their numbers more shiny. And authors like shiny numbers. Just sayin'. Please?

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