Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Beautiful Creatures Casting and Promises, Promises

I have been instructed to post this as part of the Beautiful Creatures contest. I have sort of no idea what it means, but I assume it is relevant to those of you who are playing along. Later today I'm going to post an answer to a reader question about writing, but for now:

Each clue in the Beautiful Creatures: Unlock the Curse Contest involves a powerful or magical object, a talisman of some kind, found in one of six supernatural novels.  Solve each clue and complete each challenge to win Genevieve's locket - the powerful Civil War talisman that unlocks the mystery of the curse that haunts Lena Duchannes.
Still with us? Here is your fourth clue:

In SHIVER, Grace becomes attached to the wolf that watches her from the edge of the forest every winter. Grace doesn't know that when spring comes, her wolf, Sam, takes human form. One autumn, after Sam has taken wolf form, something changes him back in spite of the cold when he is attacked.  What sort of weapon was used?

Find the typepad blog that corresponds to this challenge, (the URLs are all the same EXCEPT for the name of the featured novel: wickedlovely, tithe, etc.) fill in the name of the book as the user name, and the name of the clue object as the password: then you'll be able to unlock the fourth challenge.
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