Saturday, February 27, 2010

NYC Teen Author Festival & Charlottesville

Okay! I finally have my schedule for the NYC Teen Author Festival. I'm really delighted to be a part of it, because last year I just ogled the participants and wished I could be there as a reader. Now I get to be there in a slightly more professional capacity (I say "slightly more" because there is no word that describes me less than "professional" in any situation). Anyway, here's when I'll be there:

Friday, March 19th, from 2:10-3:00, I will be on a panel "Using Genre To Tell the True Story of Adolescence" (I believe this means, why unicorns have better coming of age stories) with Judy Blundell, Sarah Beth Durst, Lauren McLaughlin, Diana Peterfreund, Sara Shepard, and Robin Wasserman.

And then on Sunday, March 21st, from 2-:245 I will be signing at Books of Wonder along with a helluva lot of other authors including Libba Bray and Judy Blundell. There will be even more authors coming in after that, for a total of something insane like 70 authors. So if you're in NYC and want to get an almost obscene number of signatures, this is the place to be. All the details are at the link above.

And then, a week before (I know I'm doing this out of order) on the 13th, I'll be at the Charlottesville, Virginia, Barnes & Noble from 1-3 p.m. Just signing and doing my thing.

For UK'ers, it's looking very much like I will be there in the UK in October of this year. And I will be touring for Linger at the end of July, and rumor has it the West Coast will be getting some loving. I will post other appearances as I get 'em and I'm updating my website appearances page too.

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Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Yay! I think Donna and I are going to be there Friday:-) So excited!

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