Saturday, February 13, 2010

Six Things on A Saturday: The HellCat and False Rumor Edition

1. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or on Facebook already know this, but Unique Features has hired a screenwriter to adapt SHIVER for film! Info on that is here. (no, I wasn't involved in the decision)(no, I don't know how he's doing it)(yes, for now I am cool with that).

2. Those of you who follow me on Twitter also know that I deleted 20,000 words on my latest novel on Thursday and I'm feeling pretty chipper about that decision. Sometimes, as Jason Statham has discovered in most of his movies, you just have to kill them all.

3. I was emailed by the ladies at The Crooked Shelf, a rather pretty and active Shiver fansite that supports my vision of Alex Turner (call me, baby!) as Sam, and they asked if rumors of there being a fourth Shiver novel, mysteriously entitled AFTERLIFE, were true. The answer is, um, no. First of all, if I was writing it, clearly it would be called AFTERLIFER. Secondly, I said there were three novels in the series, and I meant three. Three is a good and mystical number. I'm all over it.

4. Tomorrow I am announcing the rules and start of my GIANT LINGER GIVEAWAY. I have many copies of LINGER advanced review copies to give away, and it will be disgustingly easy, slightly international, and full of fun fun fun. Stay tuned.

5. Strange and beautiful deer.

Monkey is a fan of vintage U26. My husband believes that one of our two cats, Monkey, is a hellcat. When Lover builds a fire, Monkey sits two inches away from it and stares into it for hours.

"Missing home," Lover observes.

Also, she's a big music fan. She has learned how to turn on the boom box and adjust the volume. The other day I came into the room to find Audioslave belting at volume 38 and her rubbing against the speakers.

Yep, sounds like a goth cat to me.

P. S. I'm totally charmed to actually have false rumors about my series. Somehow, this feels like I've arrived.


Crystal Cook said...

I can't believe you are chipper about deleting 20,000 words! Blows my mind, but I think that says a lot about your positive, must press forward attitude. I'm hoping that will rub off on me :) LINGER!!!! So excited I am dying for an ARC! And personally I think you already arrived :D

Anissa said...

I love that your cat gets off on Audioslave!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

hahah false rumors would be a pretty cool to finally have, I must admit. Yay about book news. I'm excited. And I can't wait for Linger!!

Any chance (if you haven't yet) you could check out this post and enter the giveaway? It would mean a TON for my family (full details there):


Donna Gambale said...

Rumors online -- so exciting! Soon you'll be in the tabloids. Though it looks like your cat may make it first! I need about 10K words cut from my novel -- do you have a magical brilliant delete key I can borrow?

Sara McClung ♥ said...

Your cat is ridiculously cute. And I love the name Monkey! What's your other one named? (I have two as well... and your post made me laugh because when I write, I usually have a candle lit and both of mine love to stare at the flame, ha. Okay, so it's not fire lit in a fireplace, but still!)

Also, I can't wait for your contest to start :)

Anonymous said...

You're cat is awesome! And I thought my Hoodiny cat was cool. (She somehow manages to find her way into locked rooms)

Ella Press said...

I simply love your posts.
They're so damn funny :D

Brooke Dillon said...

Hehe - you guys say Boombox. We (Aussies) say CD Player. Maybe you do too. I just thought it sounded cute, I've never heard that term before. Lol.

ctmurphy said...

Our cats haven't learned how to DJ yet, but one of them has a similar fascination with fire:

Maggie Stiefvater said...

*grin* Thanks, Ella.

Brooke, I guess most of the world calls them CD players. Boombox is a bit dated, probably. :) Showing my 80s roots, here.

Charles, go flames! :)

And Donna, here is my delete key. Go to town.

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