Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three Blogs Maggie Reads

I get a lot of e-mails asking me what blogs I read, and this is my opportunity to point anybody wondering to my links page (it's got useful stuff for readers as well as blogs that I read) and to pimp links for a few here. On Sundays, I don't write, which means I catch up on blogs, read novels (this technically counts as work, I guess), play an instrument or two, or draw. Or sleep. Anyway, here's three of the blogs that I read on Sundays.

1. Jacket Whys. It's a book geek's dream: a blog that analyzes YA book covers and trends. With lots of pictures. This week, she has a picture-filled post up talking about the myth that green covers don't sell. As someone who has a green cover coming out (sort of)(I mean, it really is coming out, it's just sort of green)(because it's sort of white, too, and there's other myths and legends about white covers too) I was more interested than usual.

2. PubRants. The blog of agent Kristin Nelson. I've learned a ton from her blog about the industry (especially since Miss Snark's blog closed for business). Recent posts? Why reserves against e-book royalties are stupid. And a break down of recent submissions and why they did or didn't work. And another one about a publisher who has stopped printing advanced review copies for their authors' works (this is why I get SO pissed off when I see people selling ARCs on ebay or adding them to library collections).

3. Gurney Journey. What, you didn't think I just read book blogs, right? This is my absolute favorite art blog. I always learn something new from James Gurney (fellow children of the 80s will know him as the illustrator of Dinotopia) and he always has plenty of visual aids for the slow among us (me). Recent posts include problems with the traditional color wheel and a great one on light and form.

And now I'm off to do something else I do on Sundays: eat.

(nom nom nom)


Elise said...

Hmm, maybe I'm silly or maybe I'm the book equivalent of a cat lady, but WHY oh WHY would you sell/get rid of an ARC or any book??? What is wrong with people? Read them people, read them!! That's why you have friends, have them read it! I have students and little money, they'll read it! Work with me, people!! *deep breath, steps off soapbox* Oops, sorry.
Ooo, need to check these out! My Google reader is getting quite full these days!

Ella Press said...

Elise, I think the exact same thing as you.
And even if you don't want to keep certain ARC, give it away to someone you know will enjoy it!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Elise, I think some people just don't understand or think that it won't make an impact, maybe?

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