Friday, April 16, 2010

Song Two from the Linger Playlist

Okay, I am running out the door to a Thing 1/ Thing 2 production, and then straight onto the airport from there, but of course it is Friday and it is 13-ish weeks until Linger comes out, and that means it's time to post another song from the Linger playlist - songs I listened to while writing Linger.

Last week was "Close Your Eyes" by Young Love. This week is a twofer -- both Jose Gonzalez's "Teardrop" and the original by Massive Attack*. One was used during Sam chapters and another during Grace ones. Which do you like better?

(as usual, I have to say: if you love this song, get your butt to Amazon or iTunes or wherever it is you buy music and spend the buck to show you care.)

*Massive Attack does have an official video on YouTube, but because the record company is an idiot, embedding is disabled.


Jonathon Arntson said...

For me it's not a matter of which one do I like better, it's more like, what mood am I in I like one over the other.

I love Jose, "Heartbeats" is one of my favorite songs of all-time. His version pricks my heart.

Massive Attack reminds me of The Decemberists, a favorite band of mine, so I appreciate the controlled voice and motivational music.

Suzanne said...

Massive Attack... hands down.

Donna Gambale said...

I can't decide! I keep listening to them back and forth, and whichever I'm listening to becomes my favorite.

Phoebe Rodway said...

I cant decide either!! I thought massive attack would be wayyy better but the other people are pretty good. Although massive attack are the better overall band/singer/whatever you call them, 'cause, you know...they're awesome :)

Maggie Stiefvater said...

*grin* It's very entertaining between this blog and my livejournal to see the fans of either Jose or Massive Attack.

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