Friday, May 7, 2010

Five Things on a Friday: The Linger Tune & Stuff Edition

1. There were some amazing topics suggested in the last blog post's comments. I'm going to be tackling time management in a post next week, for starters. And there were some really good and universal writing ones that I think are definitely blog post worthy. I think I will probably be posting on all of them, eventually. Thank you, guys!

Maggie on Harp2. Yesterday, we had an awesome time in the studio, recording the tune for the Linger trailer, (photos here) "One Thousand Paper Cranes." We (my brother, sister, and I) went in at 2 p.m., armed with a harp, cello, two different sizes of tin whistles, a fiddle, and two guitars. We also made use of the studio's keyboard and a single cymbal. We emerged triumphant at 7 p.m. with two tracks. We ate a lot of cookies.  

3. I also finished the trailer. It took a lot of rubber cement. And paper cuts. And, inexplicably, Rose-Art modeling clay. Soon I will unleash this on the world with the Last Linger Contest.

4. I am working on revamping my website with a Shiver microsite, which will hopefully be live by the time Linger comes out. If you have any pet peeves about my current site, now is the time to shout them out. I'm also making it a goal to tidy up my tags on my posts, so people can find them better.

5. And finally, as it's Friday, it's time to post a song from the Linger playlist. Only 10-ish weeks left to go. Seems really insanely close. *ulcer*

So here it is. This is "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" by Fleet Foxes.

I was going to post another from Cole's playlist, but I realize I have posted it before. So I will merely say that it's "Anyway You Choose To Give It" by the Black Ghosts.


Unknown said...

You are so awesome and talented! These are some great pictures I can't wait to see the trailer.

Jonathon Arntson said...

I adore Fleet Foxes and their cover albums are so Utopian.

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