Thursday, May 27, 2010

Foreign Editions of Shiver & Linger

Over on Facebook, I just posted this list of the current foreign editions for Shiver and Linger, and I figured I'd post it here too. I'm trying to keep an accessible list of all the foreign editions of Shiver and Linger but as news from foreign publishers is frequently slow, I rely on readers for a lot of the information! So if you see news about any of the foreign editions that I don't already have listed on here, please feel free to post it on the wall so I can add it. Thank you!! (Also, I die a little every time I see this list. I really do. I keep thinking I'll get used to it, but no. No, I don't.)

Foreign editions are in this format:
Territory. TITLE in that territory with link to purchase or info. (Release date if not yet released/ if I know it. )

Bulgarian: Тръпка


Chinese Complex

Chinese Simplified: (May, 2011)


Czech: MRAZENí

Danish: SHIVER (July 2010)


Australian: SHIVER
Canadian: SHIVER
United Kingdom & Ireland SHIVER, LINGER


French: FRISSON. FIEVRE (October 2010).


German: NACH DEM SOMMER (September, 2010)
German, audio: NACH DEM SOMMER (September, 2010)

Greek: Ρίγος


Hungarian: SHIVER Borzongás


Italian: SHIVER and DEEPER (October 2010)

Japanese: (July, 2010)

Korean: (August, 2010)

Lithuanian: (May, 2010)

Polish(September, 2010)

Portuguese, Brazil: CALAFRIO

Portuguese: Portugal


Serbian: (May, 2010)

Slovakian: (May, 2011)

Slovene: (May, 2011)

Spanish: TEMBLOR.

Swedish: FROST


Turkish: (May, 2010)

Vietnamese: (May, 2010)


cynthial11 said...

ooooh! I love seeing all the covers I wonder where I can find the foreign ones or if they'll even ship to the US. =) It would be awesome!

Jenny Hysaj said...

Do you know of an Albanian print? Its dreadfully hard to find any in the language.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Look at you and all your foreign rights. Nice work!

Loveiny said...

Oh, my god, here is the Hungaryan one. LOVE IT! Mmmm, Borzongás :D Thank you the "Borzongás", Maggie, you incite me to be as godd as you. I put my butt to the chair and write. I move very good :)

h.madlenka said...

Oh there is one mistake: Shiver has already come out in Czech Republic. I'm actually reading it at the moment and it's just beautiful! Its Czech name is "Mrazení".
This is a link to the publisher's house:
Lots of love from Czech Rep!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

@Jenny, unfortunately no Albanian publisher yet. But if you have a favorite one, you could always write and ask them to look into it!

@Cynthia -- some of them will ship to the US. I understand the Book Depository ships books all over the world.

Hahah, and thanks, guys!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Oh! @h.madlenka! Thank you! editing now!

Olga said...

Are you guys going to have the books translated into Russian? It's a huge market and I think they would do well there.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Yes, Olga -- I think the publisher is called Exmo who has bought the rights? I can't do too much exploration online to find out what stage they're at because of the language barrier (for languages with the same alphabet, I can always google my name and the publisher name, but Cyrillic defies me).

Anonymous said...

do you know if Linger will be translated into Greek???

Maggie Stiefvater said...

@Anon - I'm not sure -- I'll update my foreign editions page when I find out.

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