Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Making of the Linger Trailer, Part Two

Okay, Part Two of the Making of the Linger Trailer. In Part One there was the rough storyboarding and the dummy animation. There was not yet a lot of swearing. Part Two sees our fearless heroine tackling the main part of the paper cutting: The tree. The tree is sort of like Jason Statham in the Transporter movies. He's in every frame, so they'd better get his damn hair right. (well, if he had hair). Anyway, the tree had to be perfect because it was in every frame. The whole process of drawing the tree by hand and cutting it out with an exact-o knife took four hours. It was naked, at first, no leaves, because for Maximum Prettiness and Mostest Annoyingest, I wanted the leaves to be all different colors.

3 four hour tree

Then I tested it to see if the paper was firm enough to allow it to stand on its own, coming out of the book. No dice. It was floppy as week old asparagus. So I applied my genius and arrived at a temporary solution involving strings and coat hangers. I figured I’d work out something prettier later.

10 testing

Then onto the moving parts. In this case, a few dozen boys. Because animation has between 6-12 frames every second, that’s a lot of paper people. I drew my boys on tracing paper first and then copied them onto the back of my patterned paper. Oh, look, it looks like that one little wolf boy is grabbing that other wolf boy's butt. Or like a conga line. I suppose that's a more innocent interpretation.

16 more boys

And a lot of wolves.

13 a lot of wolves

14 show me some legMuch to my endless delight, it turned out that the small figures were strong enough to stand themselves up in the spine of the book sans strings and magic tricks. They just needed a bit more height to be seen properly. In other words, they all needed stilts. So out came the glue and some sticks of firm paper. The glue's packaging said it was designed just for paper. It smelled like rubber cement. It made lots of strings. There was a lot of stickiness. I'm not sure the kitchen table will ever be quite the same.

Then it was onto some proto-type birds. I didn't realize at the time what pain they'd cause me later, or there would have been more swearing.

12 failed birds

And finally onto a few hundred leaves in different colors for the tree. More rubber cement. They had to be cut with stems so they could be glued on behind the tree’s branches -- later they’d be cut off and I needed them to be sturdy for that.

15 springtime

All of the cutting done, it was time for shooting. I had a lot of work ahead of my still -- by the time I was done, I would have over 450 photographs.

Which makes this a good place to break for Part Three, I reckon.


a flight of minds said...

This is so amazing! I wish I had that kind of dedication - it's so beautiful :) Especially the tree :)

Crystal Cook said...

I LOVE those wolves. The life! The beauty! All in a paper cut out. . . And, hey! I have the exact same kitchen aid mixer! :)

Caffenero said...

The part about the tree is my favourite! It's lovely. You had to have a lot of patience on cutting :O

PS. I love your KitchenAid, I've a blue one ;P

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Hahah -- everyone likes the KitchenAid. Mine gets a workout daily.

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