Friday, June 4, 2010

Linger Music & California Events

Woof. Six weeks-ish away until Linger's release, and a Friday, so time for more music from the Linger playlists. I'm going to post one from the Sam/ Grace list and then one from the Cole/ Isabel one.

First of all, lemme post my California tour schedule. Scholastic is sending me on tour in California and Texas this year. Because I get (flatteringly) begged  by readers to come to so many places I have to say upfront that I have NO say where I get sent -- so if you are dying to see me in your town, it's Scholastic and your local bookstores you should tell.

This year it will be the Williamsburg, VA launch event, California, Texas, some Florida events near conferences, and then the overseas stuff.

July 20th at 5pm

B&N Williamsburg VA
College of William & Mary Bookstore
Duke of Gloucester Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone: 757-253-4900
Friday, July 23rd, 7pm

1010 El Camino Real
San Francisco, CA 94025
Phone: 650-462-5506
Saturday, July 24th, 7pm

Petaluma Copperfield’s
701 Wilson Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone: 707/579-8797
Sunday, July 25 4pm

B&N El Cerrito,
6050 El Cerrito Plaza
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Phone 510-524-0087
Monday July 26th at 7pm

Borders Glendale
100 S. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91204
Tuesday, July 27th at 6pm

Once Upon A Time Book Store
2207 Honolulu Ave.
Montrose, CA 91020

Now onto the music. First one is from Sam & Grace's list, then from Cole/ Isabel's. As usual, if you love it, buy it legally, make everybody happy.

Which do you guys prefer? (I always guess wrong).

"Color Bars" - Elliott Smith

"Duke" - Booka Shade


Riv Re said...

There are no words for the second one O_o

Riv Re said...

(forgot to finish the post)
So you're leaping across the country, I see. I'll miss you :( :)

Iris said...

Do I have to get a ticket or anything to go to your tour locations? I'm soo excited to meet you! Just 4 days before my birthday, what a nice present :)

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

The Isabel/Cole song ROCKS! I think I need to download now and anything else by Booka Shade. Also...considering getting the FNC to roadtrip to Virginia for the release.

DJ's Life in Fiction said...

I'm sad I won't get to see you, but I hope you have a GREAT time in California and the other places you're set to visit! And thanks for all the great music!

Miss Scarlet said...

Oh Elliot Smith. *sigh*

Maggie Stiefvater said...

My brother introduced me to Booka Shade -- I like them a LOT. :)

Iris, I don't think there are tickets for any of the tour locations (I'm not THAT famous!)

Frankie, I'd love to see you guys and celebrate your Lauraness with food.

Vicky said...

AHHHHHH I'm so excited you are coming to Texas!!!

Amelia Robinson said...

I just have a quick question. Are your tour-planning people completely adverse to sending you to North Carolina? I think tour-planning people everywhere have some strange vendetta against planning their author tours ANYWHERE near Charlotte, North Carolina. Is there a conspiracy theory forming here? You bet there is. Salutary neglect to the highest happening right here. Not all of us are lucky enough to have the resources to travel everywhere our favorite authors go, you know.


I'm dignified now. Course I wasn't about an hour ago when I was going over my calendar and saw, to my delight, that Linger comes out NEXT MONTH!! (Everybody scream!)

So I extend my congratulations, both to you for your impending publication and to your readers, who have waited SO LONG for this book to hit the shelves.


-Amelia R.

Gem said...

I heard the Booka Shade song a few months back and thought it was awesome, even though my usual taste leans towards the first song :)

Color Bars is lovely, very Sam & Grace - I reckon if I would've heard it somewhere else, I would've thought of them (that happens often, actually) :L

However, gotta go with Duke - I always thought it was a pretty intense song, and based on my image of Cole & Isabel I think it'll work very well. (BTW, judging on previous songs, I'm extremely excited about Cole/Isabel... Linger is going to be made of awesome.) [:

Maggie Stiefvater said...

LOL, Amelia. I think it's just a population density thing, perhaps, touring is expensive and they want most bang for their buck?

*grin* and thanks.

That's very cool, Gem.

molly (a dazzling distraction) said...

I am super excited about the release of Linger, and I just realized that I'll actually be in Virginia that week (instead of Indiana)! Unfortunately, I'll be at James Madison University, not William and Mary. I hope your release is wonderful and the tour goes well. It looks like a busy week/weekend!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Thank you! It will be crazy busy . . .

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