Friday, June 25, 2010

LINGER Music & Williamsburg Launch Party Details

So, amazingly, it is now three-ish weeks until Linger's release date, which means it's time to a) post more music from the Linger playlists and b) post the e-vite to the Colonial Williamsburg release party, so that the bookstore can get a feel for how many folks will be there and order food and copies of Linger accordingly. If you think you may come, here is the link to RSVP. It is July 20th, 5-8:30 p.m., at the college bookstore right in Colonial Williamsburg. Five minutes from the candy shop that inspired the one in Shiver.

Again, here's the link.

Aside from the unmistakable draw of the candy shop and Colonial Williamsburg itself, we'll also be raffling prizes like:
- The Sharpie guitar! with Maggie-done art inspired by Shiver on it. See it larger here.
- Shiver totes and shirts.
- Barnes & Noble gift cards
- French, Hungarian, and Bulgarian editions of Shiver
- Linger poster
- Music!
- other fun surprises that may be wolf themed and will no doubt be thrilling and worthwhile.

There's also a lot of mingle-time built in there too, so you can listen to me tell bad jokes and relate Anecdotes until you're quite bored with me. I will also sign old books of mine that you have so long as you buy a new one of mine from that store.

Anyway. If you're coming (please do!) PLEASE RSVP. Thanks!

Now. Linger music.

First one from one of my favorite bands, Snow Patrol. This is a Sam and Grace one. I have to admit that when I first heard it, the clappies drove me to distraction. But then I got into the lyrics and ooh they are so eerie and sad and pretty.

"The Golden Floor" - Snow Patrol

And then for Cole, who was originally an electronica artist instead of a rock star, is "Radioman" by State of the Union. I still listen to this one all the time while I'm cruising at highway speeds. (and above). (shhh).

Which one do you guys prefer? Oh, and that cover of Linger I've posted -- that's the actual color of the finished book.


Jonathon Arntson said...

I adore both groups and songs. I so wish I was in VA to attend, but I'll have my own little party when the book arrives via UPS. No one will want to be between me and my box cutter in that moment.

Zoë Marriott said...

Hmmm. Finished cover has more of an olive/khaki tone. I think the arc was a leafier green. Still very pretty though, and so much nicer than the black and white British version, which is all I can get my hands on (le sob).

Snow Patrol FTW!

Patty said...

I have been waiting for forever...Shiver was so wondrous...and now Amazon has pushed my pre order on Kindle back...I can't wait any more...but I will... I love the way you write, Maggie...never stop!!!

JSavant said...

Ah, I can't wait to have that book in my hands. It's going to be a treat.

Great songs, as always. Though I'm a fan of Snow Patrol, I have to say that I liked State of the Union's "Radioman" a bit better since I'd never been exposed to the group or any of their songs before. Also, it was fun imagining how the song could relate to Cole. :P

Miss Scarlet said...

Haha I like your note to adults to not feel self-conscious. I work til 330 in Fairfax so I don't think it will work. But I'm going to make it a fun day at work and have my own little release party.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Haha, Jonathon!

Donna Gambale said...

I was beyond ready to roadtrip to VA with the FNC ladies for that party... til I realized it was a weekday, and there was no way I could take a mini vacation from work. :(

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Oh toooo bad, Donna! It's only on a weekday because it was released on a Tuesday.

Sophia said...
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