Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three Things on a Thursday: The NYT Bestseller edition

1. Um, giant thanks are in order, as the Shiver paperback came out on June 1st . . . and promptly hit the NYT Bestseller list. Thank you, thank you -- it's word of mouth and fantastic readers that have been keeping it on the list for 33 weeks total now. UNBELIEVABLE. *faints*

2. Over on Facebook, folks have asked me if I would talk about revision and why it doesn't make me cry like an anemic vampire. I reckon this is a good blog post and I'll probably tackle it tomorrow or Saturday. If you have specific revision questions, would you leave 'em in the comments?

3. My critique partner Tessa Gratton is giving away something so awesome I can't even explain it. Well, I can. It's an ARC of LINGER. But there is something I've done to it that makes it totally one of a kind. Clicky clicky to find out what.

Visit her at!

Also, did I say THANK YOU!? Because I probably haven't said it enough.


Jamie said...

Congrats on the great news!

I have a revision question...when you begin revisions, do you only do one thing per revision? i.e. adding back story in your 1st run-through, filling plot holes in your 2nd, grammar in your 3rd, etc.? I hear all the time about authors saying they did multiple revisions, but I'm not really sure what they're changing each time.


Crystal Cook said...

Hi Maggie, I talked my mom into reading Shiver (and I am a grown up woman of 29, who is going to be gracious and not mention her mother's age), and she told me it brought tears to her eyes! I was so happy! I knew she would love it, just thought I'd tell you that :)
Congratulations on NYT bestseller success! That's just awesome.

And I do have a revision question, hope it makes sense.

When you revise, based on the helpful advice from your crit partners, do you ever worry about losing your individual'voice' along the way? And if so, how do you not do that?

Mystery Robin said...

I'm looking forward to that post on editing - I've got a lot of it to do. ;)

Dawn Embers said...

Congrats! I actually bought the book, in paperback, on monday. :-D

danalevy said...

I have a question that relates to revisions by way of the crit partner/crit group issue. You have talked about the value of 2-3 crit partners (who may or may not be geographically close by), and I have seen people posting comments like "I have a great crit group but would love to get some fresh feedback." So my much crit is too much crit? If you have a group, do you share a draft, collect feedback, make changes as you see fit,then share it with your crit partner(s) in its version 2.0 form, then collect feedback, lather, rinse, repeat? Or, once you are in a crit group do you eschew other criticism until you finish with their input? (BTW, my questions are based on knowing nothing firsthand: I'm finishing a first draft of a YA novel and meeting for the first time with a local picture-book-through-YA crit group. I'm curious to try out the group but kind of want to hedge my bets by trolling sites like your FB discussion for non-local but perhaps more ideologically suited partners!).

Jen the bibliophile said...

Maggie, question... I am going to pre-order Linger, but I want a signed copy so I'm going to order it through that site in Virginia, but will I get it get to me on it's release date?

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Congrats!!! And Tessa's contest is too funny--plus the prize is awesome:-)

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Hey, Jen -- I just shot the bookstore an email asking that question, so I'll let you know when they answer, okay?

And I have copied down all of the revision questions here for tackling this weekend!

Crystal, thank YOU for that! *Grin*

Dawn, I hope you love it. :)

Jen the bibliophile said...

Thanks Maggie! You're the best! :D

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