Saturday, July 3, 2010

6 Things on a Saturday: Linger Music & Panicking with Cookies Episode

1. I am panicking, just a little. Because I thought that I had until July 20th until Linger started getting into the hands of the public. I had 17 more days of increasing neurosis planned.

2. This is because I have been barraged by e-mails from readers who have pre-ordered copies of Linger from Barnes & Noble and have since gotten e-mails from B&N telling them that their copies of Linger had been shipped and would be getting to them on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

3. This sort of unexpected surprise always makes me high strung and more prone to baking, especially of the gigantic sort. When I found out that Barnes & Noble pre-orders had shipped, I got the urge to bake cookies. When I found out that you could buy and download the audiobook version of Linger on, too, suddenly I decided I needed to make cookies the size of my head.

4. I listened again to the audio samples I'd been sent and discovered, again, that Cole's narrator sounds like sex on a stick. Back when they were casting for audio narrators (we still have the same Grace narrator, whom I love), they had me give my input into who I wanted for Cole, Grace, and the new Sam. So we have smexy Cole, cold Isabel, and Sam the hobbit. I hope readers -- um, listeners -- like them. Otherwise I will feel Personally Responsible and be forced to rend my clothing and make bigger cookies.

5. Lest you all run out and buy books from Barnes and Noble & Audible, please remember to be kind to indie bookstores and that you can buy a signed copy of Linger anywhere in the U.S. or Canada by ordering from Fountain Bookstore. OR you can come see me on tour in California and Texas.

6. I completely forgot about posting Linger music yesterday, because I was saving my energy for flailing and panicking. So today I wanted to post something Completely Different. I don't just listen to singy music while I'm writing. I also listen to a ton of instrumental music, especially soundtracks, especially when a scene takes me a long time and I need something to fade back more. While writing Linger, I didn't really have a particular soundtrack to hang my hat on until my youngest brother gave me a copy of THE LAST SAMURAI for my birthday. It worked pretty darn well, much to my surprise.

So here's one of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack (though I recommend all of it if you like this one). (As always, buy these suckers legally, 'kay? Thanks.) This is "Spectres in the Fog" by the always incredible Hans Zimmer.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go eat 14 cookies the size of my head and flail my arms some more. Have a good holiday.


Larissa said...

No flailing! Deep breaths, okay?

Great music rec! I am also a fan of soundtracks, so I'll have to get that one when I can afford to. LOL.

BTW - I recommended a band to you a while ago, and you were going to check them out. I wanted to let you know that their cd is available on itunes now (The Rise of Defiance). :)

Enjoy your cookies! :)

JSavant said...

Oh, darn, I'd want Linger early too -- but I'll be a patient little duck and wait for the official release. There's nothing like going down to a bookstore and hand-picking out a new hardcover book that you've been dying to read. :)

Also, I *love* that The Last Samurai soundtrack inspired you during your writing of Linger. I always thought the music for that movie was particularly beautiful. (The music for the movie Memoirs of a Geisha was really lovely as well -- just wanted to put that out there. :P) I think I'm in need of a rewatching of that movie soon.

Anyway -- hope you don't get too frantic with the cookie baking and the flailing! My guess would be that more people will love Linger than not. :)

maine character said...

You do know that I'm about a third of the way through SHIVER. Knowing I won't have to wait a day for LINGER doesn't change the fact that I'm going to linger over these pages as I go.

Cool cookies. (Both about LINGER and your baking.)

Dawn Embers said...

That is awesome. I almost wish I was going to be in California or Texas any time in the near future. Oh well. Yay for book and... OMG cookies!!!

beth said...

I'm so excited you're coming to Austin! No one ever comes to Austin. Yeigh! I pre-ordered Linger from Fountain, but if I bring my copy of Shiver to the book store could you sign it?

Amy said...

i love how you can hear the priates of the caribbean tid bits in this song... and I'm pre-ordering mine on amazon so.... no worries there.

Ann Elise said...

I feel like cookies now. I feel like "Linger" as well, come to think of it :)

Zoë Marriott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoë Marriott said...

*Shakes fist* We don't get Linger here until 21/7! Damn you, Atlantic Ocean!

I love that soundtrack. It's not particularly Japanese in its sensibility (I say this as someone with twelve albums of traditional Japanese music on her iPod) but the use of traditional instruments is gorgeous. In fact, I haven't listened to it for too long, so I'm off to do that now!

Edited for: unnecessary and unprovoked anger towards the Pacific Ocean, which is of course completely blameless and a fine body of water.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Hahaha, no anger toward the Pacific Ocean.

I have calmed down considerably, having made another batch of cookies and read all of these comments. So thank you for that.

marmaladelibby said...

Thx 4 the soundtrack rec! I recommend to you (if u don't have it already) The Power of One. It's favorite standby! Also mostly Hans Zimmer! p.s. i can't WAIT 4 Linger!

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