Monday, July 5, 2010

In Which I Benevolently Violate Copyright

for my daughter's birthday, which falls the day after Independence Day, which means she invariably gets her party on the 4th of July.

I was fearful of special requests, as last year she requested a castle cake, and the results were . . . less than . . . um . . . architectural. This year, however, she wanted a cartoon character with a mostly round head, so we were on much firmer territory. So an hour and one benevolent copyright infringement later, we were in business.

I'm just glad she didn't ask for IronMan or Doc Oc.


Dawn Embers said...

That is so cute. Great job with the cake. And Happy Birthday to your daughter. :-)

Amelia said...


I gasp for two reasons.

A) That is a fabulous cake. :) Very nicely done. :D


Happy birthday to your daughter. :)


Unknown said...

I think this cake is adorable, hopefully she wasn't to disappointed and excited instead!! Hello Kitty rocks!

Anonymous said...

Hey that's a nice cake.

Anonymous said...

nice cake! hello kitty!

I have a question
is it ok to post qoutes from books into a blog? For example if I wanted to use Qoutes from shiver and pit the qoutes with "" and in italics and who says it, what page, then the name of the book
is that ok and legal?

Anonymous said...

Tell your daughter that the world wishes her Happy Birthday!!!! I'm sure it will make her day.

Melissa @ Mel's Books and Info said...

That cake is awesome! You are so talented. My cake decorating skills are nil, so my son will just have to settle for plain or store bought. :)Hope your daughter had a Happy Birthday, she certainly had a great cake!

Eleni said...

Aw, purty cake!

Brooke said...

Her cake is awesome!
Happy Birthday to your daughter! :D

Becca said...

You do cake to..Awesome!

Not Hannah said...

Very cute cake. Will you bake a werewolf one to celebrate LINGER's release? (Will I bake one to celebrate LINGER's release?)

Unknown said...

It looks amazing! And now I want cake. Great.

AnneB said...

We're transferring lots of family videos to DVD and we have documentary evidence of a cake with a very, very good icing rendering of a certain mouse.

IANAL but I doubt it's really a copyright violation because you weren't using Hello Small Cat for commercial use. If you were selling it at a bakery, the lawyers would be coming out of the woodword, but for personal edibility...I think you're okay.

And if you aren't, we'll all come to the hearing.

As for your castle, I once made a cake in the form of a Death Star, using a two-part ball mold. Steel-gray icing is NOT a good idea. "That's no cake, that's a round Ugly."

Jen (@ Jens Book Closet) said...

Hello Kitty has always frightened me a bit. I mean, have you ever seen THE giant stuffed Hello Kitty that is like the size of a 3 year old? *shudders* I've had nightmares. :D I would definitely take Iron Man any day, especially if Robert Downy Jr. delivered the cake. :D

Caffenero said...

Very nice cake!
Next week-end I've to prepare one for my kid's birthday and I'm in trouble with the covering :S
I tried the MMF (Marshmallowfondant) solution, but is too sweet and everybody scratched it away.
I tried the classical coloured cream covering, but with thise summer hot temperatures is going to melt!
So, please please please could you write the recipe of your covering??? I would like to try it, since I like the result ;P
Thank you very much in advance!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

lol! you guys are hilarious. Jen and Anne!!!!

Silvia, I love the site Look for a buttercream recipe on that site -- they have several amazing ones.

Unknown said...

HAHA, I like to almost empty beer bottle in the background.

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