Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Things on a Tuesday

1. Ohmigosh tour begins today. That means I should be packing, but instead, I'm blogging. Tonight I'll be in Williamsburg, VA, giving away the Shiver Sharpie Guitar. You know what, packing is probably secondary. First, I should probably get dressed.

2. Now that LINGER is out, out, out, out, officially out in the wild, I am getting many, many, many emails asking me to please write another book. I probably don't have to tell people who read my blog this but yes, the Shiver trilogy is in fact, a trilogy, which means there is a third book, as trilogies are wont to have. It's called FOREVER, I'm editing it at the moment, and you can't have it until summer of next year.

That is all. I am going to go panic, tour, and get dressed, maybe not in that order.


beth said...

Umm...yeah probably not in that order. But good luck with the touring and getting dressed part and try to forget about the panic part. You're Maggie Stiefvater that's like the Elvis Presley of YA lit. ;)

Not Hannah said...

Flash to Maggie with the Shiver guitar dressed in a rhinestone-encrusted pantsuit. I'm gonna blame it on the heat.

Anonymous said...

yeah I'm excited about forever in the meantime I'm borrowing lament from a library
I have a question though After forever do you have any new books planned?I would be very sad if Forever was it for *insert amount of time here*

Kristin Rae said...

Can't wait to meet you in Houston! :)

Nalazul said...

I hope you have a great tour, I can't wait to meet you on friday, when you come to Kepler's.

Ginger said...

LOL! you are too funny Maggie. Have fun on the tour!! I hope I get to see you next week in Houston, TX :-)

Maggie Stiefvater said...


See you in Houston, Kristin! And hope I can see you too, Ginger!

@Naluzul - you should've introduced yourself as a blog reader!!

@Kit - yes, there is a Secret Maggie Novel coming out in 2012.

Marn said...

I was on a Hunger Games message board and someone had written "I think there are going to be 7 books in the Hunger Games trilogy!"
*shakes head*

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