Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday Music Post: Linger, All The Music

YES. I am aware that it is not Friday.* I was supposed to do this on Friday, but I got distracted by MOCKINGJAY (and no, I am not telling you anything about it or about my feelings about it until more of the population has had a chance to read it.) So. This post feels sort of . . . weird to do, but several readers have asked me to post the full LINGER playlist, absolutely everything I listened to while writing the book, and also to post the list of songs that correspond with particular scenes, like I did for SHIVER.

Anyway, it feels weird to be doing something like this, because I feel like I am posting it for about twelve people who are both extreme music geeks and LINGER readers, but . . . as I am both of those things, I guess I will do it!

So now, without further ado (does anyone ever say: "and now, slightly more ado, and then, I'll get on with it"?) here they are. First, the Linger chapter list with music, i.e., the songs that I listened to on endless repeat while writing each section. If a chapter's missing, it's because there's no particular song associated with it; I was just listening to part of my playlist (which is also posted below).

Chapter 1: "Close Your Eyes" - Young Love
Chapter 2: "Concerto for Violins in B Minor" - Vivaldi and "Page 47" - Trevor Rabin
Chapter 4: Joshua Radin's album We Were Here.
Chapter 5: "Party" - Clint Mansell, "Technologique Park" - Orbital, and "Brooklyn is Burning" - Head Automatica
Chapter 8: "Her Morning Elegance" - Oren Lavie, "White Winter Hymnal" - Fleet Foxes, "Mr. Pitiful" - Matt Costa and "Daylight" - Matt & Kim
Chapter 12: "You'll Find a Way" - Santogold and "Twisted Transistor" - Korn
Chapter 13: "Hallelujah" - Rufus Wainwright, and The Last Samurai soundtrack in its entirety, but particularly "Spectres in the Fog," "Idyll's End," and "Ronin"
Chapter 14: "How Low" - Jose Gonzalez
Chapter 16: "Precious Lie" - Cary Brothers and "Unwinding Cable Car" - Anberlin
Chapter 17: "Any Way You Choose to Give It" - The Black Ghosts
Chapter 20: "You Know You're Right" - Nirvana and "Coming Undone" - Korn
Chapter 23: Three Days Grace's album One-X
Chapter 24: "Fairy Dance" - James Newton Howard and "Evacuating London" - Harry Gregson-Williams
Chapter 26: "Circle the Fringes" - Gutter Twins
Chapter 30: "Bother" - Stone Sour
Chapter 31: "Goodnight" - La Rocca and "Spaceship" - Jonas and Plunkett
Chapter 33: "A Message" - Coldplay
Chapter 36: "Coming to Terms" - Carolina Liar
Chapter 37: "9 Crimes" - Damien Rice
Chapter 40: "Winter" - Tori Amos
Chapter 41: "Almost Lover" - A Fine Frenzy
Chapter 46-48: "Wash Away" - Matt Costa
Chapter 49-50: "Lightning Strike" - Snow Patrol
Chapter 54: "Somewhere A Clock is Ticking" - Snow Patrol

Okay, and for the complete playlist, I'm going to try to embed a playlist from, because I've been assured after the Great ASCAP Kerfuffle of '10 that it is legal to post from AS ALWAYS, if you love a track, go and drop the buck on it on iTunes or wherever you buy music. I've had artists featured on my playlists actually email me and thank me for featuring their songs, because readers actually do go out and buy the music if they love it. Please keep it that way and thanks!

LINGER PLAYLIST - Songs from #25 and on are the Cole/ Isabel playlist.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Songs not available on but in the LINGER playlist nonetheless (my musical tastes are too cool for, apparently):

"Loneliest Girl in the World" & "Precious Lie" - Cary Brothers
"Coming to Terms" & "Simple Life" - Carolina Liar
"Talk it Out" - Yotokyo
"Spaceship," "Stole the Show" and "Everywhere" - Jonas & Plunkett
"Goodnight" - La Rocca
"Always to Keep" - Jeff Merchant
"Wash Away" - Matt Costa
"Color Bars" - Elliott Smith
"Rock of Ages" - Gillian Welch
"Out Come the Wolves" - Jacob Golden
"Technologique Park" - Orbital
"Merchant of Death" - Ramin Djawadi
"Any Way You Choose to Give It" - The Black Ghosts
"Duke" - Booka Shade

ETA: A lovely blog-reader took the time to transfer as much as the playlist as possible over to a more international friendly site. I hope this helps and THANK YOU!!! It's here.

*I know that I missed my brand-new Friday music post where I post all the music I've found over the course of the week so I'll do double the fun, like Wrigley gum, this Friday. If I do it in addition to the Linger music, this post will be epically long.


Zoƫ Marriott said...

Oops. Originally posted this comment on the wrong blog. BUT what I meant to say was: Yay! New Maggie Music Recs! *Skips away to iTunes*

Riv Re said...

Yay! Moosic!
I think I'll use the "more ado" line in my blog today. I'll leave a link to the post when I write it :)

Riv Re said...
Several lines down :) ;)

hi. i'm callie said...

this post makes me grateful to be the music geek/book freak i am. thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, this comment makes four music geeks who read Linger. Thank you for the music, Maggie, I will put this to good use. Or evil use. Whichever I'm in the mood for.

Amy and Sean said...

I think there are more than 12 of us. Music/book geeks unite!

KM said...

Ahh! Matt & Kim!! LOVE them! They're actually playing near my home this semester, and I'm psyched to go.

Great playlist! And, might I say, you have a baller' music taste. Joshua Radin? Coldplay? Santigold? SNOW PATROL?! Yes, please. :)

Suellen said...

All the music geeks and Linger readers appreciate the playlist, Maggie!

Great playlist! And, might I say, you have a baller' music taste. Joshua Radin? Coldplay? Santigold? SNOW PATROL?! Yes, please. +1

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Yay music geeks unite! :)

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