Thursday, August 5, 2010

THE TOUR: Inadequate Photographic Round Up!

So it has taken me four days to work up the courage to attempt posting about my tour. The sheer daunting nature of this post will be more evident when you think about the fact that normally I fill an entire blog post with random events that last mere moments. So ten days in one post? Um. There will be photos. Photos are worth 1,000 words and that's the only way I can keep the word count down here.

The entire process was kicked off by an absolutely amazing launch event in Williamsburg. It involved almost 200 hundred people and a cake that looked like LINGER (amazingly, not the last LINGER cake I was to see on this tour). I could do a blog on just that event (or any of them, in fact, but why reinvent the wheel? Wastepaper Prose did a rundown here, including embarrassing photos).

Actually, speaking of embarrassing photos, I have discovered, through the beauty of the photographic medium, that I speak with my hands, something I didn't think I did. Also, my face does strange things approximately 98% of the time. No, no, don't say, you're perfectly nice-looking, Maggie. I don't mean that my face does unflattering things 98% of the time (although some of these things are indeed unflattering as well). I mean that my face cycles through an endless supply of weird facial expressions which would look excellent on a character from Calvin & Hobbes. The things you learn about yourself on tour. Look. See? The faces of Maggie.

So, Williamsburg. Cake. We also gave away the Sharpie Guitar there -- the raffle winners were a group of readers who wore shirts that said "We keep warm with coffee and Sam." I felt it was appropriate.

Then it was off to California (which is the name of a hornpipe which I'll play for you sometime, it's quite catchy). You guys already saw how I spent the first four days. Here's California, in photographs.

California meant more Linger cake, made by a reader (it must have taken forever). (Actually, I can't use that word anymore. It must have taken a VERY LONG TIME).

California meant giant crowds amassed in bookstores to see me. Actually, this was kind of true everywhere. This is going to take some getting used to. For starters, I need to stop swearing.

California meant being in L.A. where the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile stayed at my hotel. I'm going to take that as a portent of some kind.

California meant tour stops with fantastic book stores that set up gorgeous signings -- do you see the paper cranes from Linger hanging over my head in Glendale?

California meant getting a stuffed wolf puppet from Once Upon a Time in Montrose (thanks, guys!), meeting Margie Stohl, Kami Garcia, and Kaleb Nation (better known as Shiver Guy, or at least I like to think so). It also meant forgetting my wolf puppet in the backseat of Kaleb's car.

After California, it was on to Texas, first Houston, then Austin. Oh, Texas. I sort of love you. I think I could see myself in Texas. With a better tan.

This was Texas, outside Houston -- after my event there, my media escort drove me an hour and a half to do a Russian-spy style swap with my Austin media escort who took me the rest of the way.

And this was Austin. Weird, totally cool Austin, who had three bands I wanted desperately to see there and no time to see them. I die.

And here was the truck in Austin that I wanted to steal. My media escort, Kristen, was the best thing ever, and slowed down so that I could take a picture. That is what we call "casing the joint."

And Kristen also took me for cupcakes in Austin. For lunch. She knew me. She got me. Cupcakes are a lunch food. She also gave me a recipe for Truffle Brownies which was the best thing ever (I made it the second I got home. ohgoshgood).

And in case you really wanted to know what it was like, being at one of my tour events, Once Upon a Time in Montrose did a short video of Essence of Maggie.

Basically, what it comes down to is I'm so incredibly overwhelmed and grateful -- so many readers came hours and hours to see me, and husbands stood in line for hours for their wives, and moms for daughters, and it was just all very warming to the black cockles of my heart. Plus two weeks at #1 on the NYT list and this week at #3? Thank you, guys. What a crazy life.


Amelia Robinson said...

See now, I'm sure that you'd have an awesome time in Charlotte. Authors would move to Charlotte for all the fun we Charllottians can offer them. Yet they spurn us like lepers. WE WANT AWESOME YA AUTHORS, TOO! We can make cakes and hang up a thousand paper cranes and make you suffer through pictures and signings too!! And hey, we'll drag the Oscar Meyer wiener out, too, but we'll let you DRIVE IT! Nothing says we love you like driving the Oscar Meyer wiener.

Alright. Shutting up.

But this is just to tell you that a) Charlotte is the biggest city in North Carolina and yet we don't get any awesome YA authors coming our way. We don't even get authors that no one knows about! b) It's awesome that you had a great time, because it's obvious you did, even amongst the self-deprecating humor about your facial expressions. XD

Congrats! Glad you had fun!

Hasta luego, chica! (that is REALLY fun to say. I've dubbed it to be my signature now.)


Libby said...

This was a ver fun post to read.
I enjoyed the videos a lot.

Dawn Embers said...

The cakes look great, and there were cupcakes! Okay, I'm a little obsessed with cupcakes and cake decorating. I bet a tiered cake would look awesome with wolves, Sam and Grace on it.

This is a fun post with great pictures.

Tom M Franklin said...

this is so completely cool and waygreat.

best of all, you look completely overwhelmed by the response and turnout.

well done you!

Anonymous said...

Love the entry...enjoyed meeting you in Houston...Yes, you do talk with your hands!! LOL
Good luck to you on your future need to make a stop next year at ALA in New Orleans!

Sarah said...

Maggie, I think this was one of your best ever posts! I've been following your blog since you wrote the Butt in Chair post probably about a year ago and it's so great to see all your success! You're an inspiration to wannabe writers everywhere. Thank!

Solvang Sherrie said...

It was great getting to meet you in Glendale. I wanted one of those paper cranes! Oh, well :)

Amber Scott said...

I love it! Great photos. What I love most is how much they show how you you are. Does that make sense? I SO hope you make to Phoenix.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

@Amelia - *cough* I went to Charlotte last year for SHIVER. ;p (not to debunk the leper theory . . . )

@Libby - yay! Glad you liked it.

@Dawn - I'll bet it would too. Giant SHIVERy cake . . .

@Tom - thanks. And I was pretty gobsmacked.

@lassarbry - I used to make fun of hand-talkers . . .

@Sarah - *Grin* Thank you!!

@Sherrie - you should've asked. I'll be they were dying to figure out what to do with them after.

@Amber - That does make sense. And it makes me cheery that they reveal the Inner Maggie.

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