Friday, October 1, 2010

Europe/ UK/ Ireland Tour: Days 1-3 & Postcard to A Stranger

I don't know how long this steely resolve of mine will last, but I'm going to try to blog regularly while on tour. Right now I'm hastily composing this in the twenty minutes I have before I run out to the next thing.

So. Tour. Day 1 is not much to remark on. It was eight hours of flying, one hour of sitting on tarmac waiting to get off, an hour of customs officers and baggage and two disgruntled French drivers who couldn't find the London flat at midnight. Things 1 & 2 are delightfully unaffected by jetlag and are up for anything at all hours of the day and night. In other words, it went pretty smoothly.

Day 2: Off to the Scholastic UK offices to chat with everyone and sign a few copies of LINGER.

Jet lag, at this point, had settled in pretty firmly, and I must have looked it, because I remember meeting a stream of new people, greeting folks I'd met last year, and then the constant refrain of the two publicists, Alex and Alyx, saying, "Do you have tea, Maggie? Would you like another cup of tea, Maggie? Here is some tea, Maggie." Sometimes they said nothing at all and merely put a cup of tea into my empty hand. There is something beautiful about the wedding of caffeine and sugar. If only I had cookie dough, it would be like home. Well, and sleep. Well, and U.S. electrical plugs. If I had these things, it would be indistinguishable.

Anyway, tea held me over until a late night dinner with reviewers and booksellers and book buyers at Bocca di Lupo -- "The Mouth of the Wolf" -- GET IT?

Day 3: Leaving at 6:40 a.m. for a plane to Ireland. I was revoltingly excited, especially after I found out I wasn't going to be on the plane that makes everyone stand up from London to Ireland. After a school visit, I decided it was time to do my first postcard to a stranger. 'Cuz I brought 15 American postcards along with me and I'd decided that I was going to write something on them and leave them in a public place for a stranger to find. I'm a big believer in that whole coincidence/ everything happens for a reason/ woo woo stuff, so I thought, probably, 14 of these postcards will be picked up and chuckled over, but perhaps 1 of them will be picked up by someone who really appreciates it.

Or possibly, it's littering.

Anyway, this was postcard #1.


And the park and bench where I left it.

Anyway, busy Day 3 finished up with a fantastic late event at Eason's book store in Dublin, with Jennifer Lynn Barnes (who has the cheeriest smile in the world) and Michael Scott (who is very dapper in person). And then we --

I just realized I've got to run to the next thing! Until next time . . .


I hope life can only get better said...

I really like the post card idea. Someone who really needs it just might pick it up and have it change their day. Have a safe trip Maggie!!!

Johanna said...

I really love that you left the post card. I would love to find one. I should do that sometimes :)
I hope you're having fun on this side of the pond!

Danny said...

I just saw you are on the Book Fair in Frankfurt and I just decided to go and see you there!!

Crystal Cook said...

You're just awesome, you know that? I want one of those post cards. :)
I hope you have a great time.

readmore said...

The postcards are another stroke of genius from you, Maggie. What a lovely idea! I hate to admit that I would like to have a bit of news from you revealing some bad habit or the like. I fear perfection and the pedestal on which it stands, and you just keep amazing me. Gee, what a glad basher I must seem. Pollyanna would be horrified. LOL! Have a wonderful tour!

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