Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FOREVER Contest Winners!

Okay, after an hour slaving over the Random Number Generator, I have the winners of the FOREVER contest! I wrote down the names exactly as they looked in your entry, so I hope these are identifiable. Also, I'm getting a complex because two of the tank top winners are apparently huge Vampire Academy fans, or else there is an unreal number of Ivashkovs entering my contest. And thirdly, tank top winners: remember, the tank tops are small. If you would rather have a foreign edition of Shiver, I'll substitute a signed Japanese, Hungarian, Czech, or Indonesian edition for the tank top. Everyone else? You're stuck with what you won. >:D

Winners please email me with your real name, your mailing address, WHAT YOU WON, and your name that you entered under. Some variation of OMG I WON I WON FOREVER CONTEST WINNER in the subject line would also be helpful.

And finally, everyone, thank you so much for entering!!!!

LINGER audiobook: xcremebruleex
LINGER audiobook: lotsatrebble
LINGER: Christi Herron Aldellizzi
SHIVER: Del Tsosy
Tank top: Jocelyn Curley Ivashkov-Graves
Tank top: Adriatika Ivashkov
Tank top: Riv Re
Tank top: samantha_geary
UK LINGER: Jessi Barrientos
1. Aggeliki Lazybones
2. emmarose1
3. Kyler Yee
4. inkbabies
5. rachelmglenn
6. Bella (from blogger)
7. winged
8. Jp Sullivan
9. germainedulac
10. Paula Cotton
11. Elena Solodow
12. Jessica Rodrigues Brooks
13. Emma Alice Blackman
14. ifmary
15. poseiwriting
16. jynnmorgan
17. kjersti_3
18. korrigan
19. Jeannete Rayn Hagan Beresford
20. hpuz
1. dark_peacock
2. glowing_threads
3. Aianarie (from blogger)
4. Mariah (from blogger)
5. Erika (from blogger)
6. cynthia|11
7. j_m_nunes
8. Ami 友 Ciminnisi
9. Karina Carroll
10. Jess (the Cozy Reader)
11. Lillian Elledge
12. elnice
13. Alma Coretastic
14. saturnkoneko
15. mswitch


Anita said...

Darn, I never win anything! :)

Congrats to everyone who won..enjoy!! :) :)

Amber Sweeney said...

Poo - o-well, I get to meet you tomorrow Maggie so I don't mind so much I didn't win! See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Anita, I never win anything, either. It's okay.

Aianarie said...

I just got it in the mail today. :] Thank you very much, Maggie!

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