Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Which Loki Finally Gets Painted

Waaaaaaay back when, last year, you will recall that I told blog readers that Loki needed a paint job and asked whether I should paint him red again, or black (because black makes everything cooler)(ask Batman). I thought red was unbearably ostentatious, but it turns out, so am I. It was also what blog readers voted for, overwhelmingly.

(background: Loki is my '73 Camaro which goes to all of my book events within driving distance. According to the U.S. government, he is my business vehicle, which I modestly think is the best use of a tax deduction ever.)

I couldn't decide what color red, however, and finally, a few months ago, I had a dream that Loki was this awesome burnt orange/ red color. I spent all day hunting it down. So now Loki is officially "Tangerine Kandy" (which my friend Jackson says would make an awesome stripper name)(I'm not going to use it, so you guys can if you like). In full sun, Loki looks bright red. But in low light, it turns pumpkin orange. And I kept the stripes, because stripes make cars go faster.

You like?

I'm bound and determined to make the Great American Road Trip (maybe to Minnesota around, oh, say, FOREVER's release date?) in this car in 2011. You wait and see. It'll happen. Also on the list of to do? Finally get around to putting air-conditioning in it. And one day, when I'm rich and famous, convert it to electric.

I'm aware this is CarPorn and CarSpam and I'm not sorry.
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