Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten Things on a Tuesday: Touring, Richard Hammond, & Postcard to a Stranger

1. I'm on my last day of public touring here in the UK and I have decided, British television is Richard Hammond. Of course, we only have basic TV in the flat so perhaps I'm being unfair, but of the three channels we have, one is always Richard Hammond on Top Gear, the other is a children's program with Richard Hammond hosting, and the third is Richard Hammond being interviewed and why not because he's apparently a celebrity since he has managed to be on every television show in Britain.

2. I am being stalked by faeries. Today I had a festival event, first event of the day, and I'm on a small wooden stage in a small little tent talking to a small little group of British school children, and when I'm done, I turn to get my coat from my chair and there it is in the middle of the empty stage.


Yes, that's a thimble. I think it's a time machine. You get inside it, and it takes you back to the era when it was made. So, in this case, the 80s.

3. Those of you who are fans of Jackson Pearce (who writes about the werewolves that savage people rather than romance them) or Virginians or readers of mine will be delighted to know that we're doing a giant bash in Richmond, Virginia, at Fountain Bookstore, for Halloween. A co-event with fun prizes and talking and costume contests and books and I may possibly be giving away a set of SHIVER/ LINGER paperdolls. Oh yes. I should point out that the $8 ticket price listed on the website can be applied to a book, so if you buy any book, including one of ours, at the bookstore on the day, you can wave your ticket and it's a free event. So don't be put off by that and yes, please come. More to come on that.

4. So I had a fantastic event at Bath -- which was absolutely gorgeous. I could live in Bath. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and there were loads of blog readers and readers in general at the event with Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and it was just pretty deliriously lovely and went off without a hitch. Suspiciously without incident. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

5. I also met Lucy Christopher in Bath. She's the author of STOLEN, which as you'll recall is a book that I said everyone should go go out and buy because I loved it and I still say that, so why haven't you yet? She was very sweet in person and made me look quite evil by comparison, but I think I'm okay with that. Jennifer Lynn Barnes' insane level of Cute and Innocent had already prepared me quite well.

6. Anyway, then it was goodbye to beautiful Bath and onto Coventry for a school event -- also excellent -- and then even more onto it for Warwick Words. Allow me to post a photo of beautiful Bath, however, before we move on.

7. More blog readers and Facebook friends in Warwick! Delightful! Meals from M & S (sort of a posh grocery store) in the car! Also delightful! Back home in time to order yet more delivery curry! Still more delightful! My fingertips are permanently yellow at this point. I know now, however, that I can hide the worst of them in my thimble. The most delightful!

8. Yes, of course I took the thimble with me. It's clearly meant to be with me. It's in my pocket to hide my curry fingers later on.

9. Of course it was time for another postcard to a stranger. We thought it might rain (because it was a day that ended with 'y') and I realized at the last moment I had yet to do one, so it got jotted down hastily and left it inside, in the busy lobby of my hotel in Bath. 

In situ:

It reads:

10. And now I'm off to my last public event in the UK, which sounds so strange to say, at Crawley. Then just business lunches and on to Frankfurt. Two more weeks to go.


Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Your postcard made me smile, so you'll at least get two smiles out of it!

Thanks for tour. I'm so insanely jealous I'm not really liking you very much right now. The curry pushed me over the edge.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

WOw the picture from Bath is gorgeous!!!! I want to go there! And love the postcard. *smiles*

Deborah Paris said...

Lovely! Bath is one of my favorite places in England. Those Victorian "water closets" hanging off the backs of the 18th century houses- I'm surprised we didn't get a photo of that! Or the ummm, Roman baths...you did get to see them right?

Anonymous said...

Bath is great, isn't it? I love the "small towns" in the UK so much more than London... But my everlasting love belongs to Brighton...
I'm so sad that I'm not able to see you in Germany ): I hope that you will sign my Shiver nevertheless, because I brought my best friend to carry it around aaaaaaaall day on the book fair just to get it signed for me. I would be really happy. *big puppy eyes* *sniff*

Adrianna said...

Dear Miss Maggie, You are always inspiring me to do something different with my days. Thanks a bunch! I will keep on writing even if it's terrible and... I think I'll buy a postcard for someone. You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Is Richard Hammond really a bad thing? He's one of the reasons why I watch Top Gear. He's so cute..

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