Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo, the sequel

Okay, so my last NaNoWriMo post opened about eighteen cans of worms as well as my eyes.

I had no idea how many people wrote for NaNo without any plans/ hopes of publication, which changes how I think about it (my last post was very much framed in terms of producing a novel for publication versus pure personal edification). Also, I had no idea how many people were part of NaNo just for the community. I feel spoiled because I have the boards at Verla's, the LiveJournal writing community at large, and my two critique partners. So I have my community year round -- I've searched it out and made darn sure of it. That collective frenzy and energy that I understand powers NaNoers? I guess I'm more immune to it because I have it every day with my support group of writers.

I still have my issues with NaNo, but I can see the other side better now. Thanks for that. Those of you with the exceptionally articulate counter arguments? Made my day.


Now that I ranted at you about NaNo, I have some questions about you guys.

1. How many of my blog readers are NaNo'ing?
2. Have you done it before?
3. Have you won?
4. Are you writing purely for pleasure or hoping for publication with this one?
5. Do you think making it two months instead of one would increase or decrease your productivity? 
6. How many of you are writers but not NaNo'ing?
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