Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Five. The Forever Edition

I just got home from being snowed in at the writers' retreat and I'm pretty much incapable of anything but lists.

1. I mentioned before I'll be releasing a video of me reading the first few pages of FOREVER on Monday, Valentine's Day. Well, now Scholastic has given me the time and place: noon EST, on my Facebook page. So that's here. It will stay up indefinitely (some folks asked).

2. There were some rumors, after we got snowed in in Branson, that people were planning on eating me as food ran short on the retreat. I'm relieved to report that I was not eaten. But Jackson Pearce did make this video anyway.

3. And finally, in last retreat related news, here are the folks who were on the last live chat (including me). Natalie Standiford, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jackson Pearcce, and Dawn Metcalf. Thanks for the folks who came out to chat!

4. I will actually be blogging like a normal person in the week to come. But for now I'm just going to sit here and be happy there's no snow anywhere in sight. 

5. I have no five.
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