Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning Book Contest

Not to be cliche, but I'm spring cleaning. At least once a year, I realize that I have to either buy more bookshelves or get rid of some books. Last year I bought a bookshelf. This year, I'm pruning some books. I have a bunch of books that I won't read again, have duplicates of, having on my Nook, have in hardcover, etc. etc. SO.

This is why I need to spring clean.

The Office in Disarray.

That stack you see on the desk is one of two I need to fit into the shelves that line the walls of my office.Any holes you see on the shelves are the result of my pruning.

So I think I'm going to give away my leftovers in three batches. Ah! This feels productive already.


YA Stack 1


YA Stack 2

Adult Stack

I think, um, to enter, you have to post a link to my blog somewhere -- on your twitter, facebook, blog, Mom's forehead -- with something defining like "I read this blog!" or "crazy author!" "I want to win books from here and she's making me post a link, tacky much!?" You know. Something like that. And then comment here or on the blogger version of the blog (your comment will be your entry) with where you posted it and tell me which stack you'd like to win and tell me what you'll do with the books if you win them. One entry per person.

Let's run it through . . . ummm . . . Tuesday morning, 9 a.m. EST. That's the 1st of March and an excellent time to end a Spring Cleaning Contest, I think.

I'm afraid it can only be open to U.S. readers or to international who can provide me a U.S. address, because these suckers are going to be sent media mail.

Okay, go! Also, vacuum! I am. You should too.

ETA: The stacks are getting higher as I go, by the way. I've just added one of the copies of THE VESPERTINE I found to stack #2. And also two copies of The Vampirates series. And HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY to the adult stack. It's dire.
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