Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Contest Winners!

Man,  I'm sorry I'm late posting this, guys. I started reading the entries at 7:30 (there were nearly 500) and didn't finish up until just now. So, that said.

1) I'd love to give everybody books, because the entries were all really, really lovely.

2) That is not a real copy of FOREVER on my shelf. It is a giant shiny sales display for the UK edition and it is merely cardboard. So don't get excited.

3) Yes, I love my desk, too. No, it's not an antique. Actually readers on Twitter helped me pick it out last year, so thanks for that.

4) The shelves are the cheapest damn shelves I could find at IKEA.

5) I'm sorry that so many folks didn't realize my blog is also mirrored over on Blogger. I should've shouted it louder! Here's where I am: 

Goodreads (only my favorite books on here)
Shelfari (every book I read on here)

6) The winners are:

Adult stack: its_susanne (from Blogger)

YA Stack #1: Adeline Taylor (LJ)

YA Stack #2: Alex_rockstar27 (LJ)

e-mail me with your mailing address, please! And be patient, if you could, because it'll be sent media mail.

7) I'd also appreciate it if I could get mailing addresses from Jamilla Jones (LJ), OHSLibraryLady (Blogger), and Starlily37 (LJ).

As always, a huge thank you to everybody for making space for my link on your blogs and twitters and facebook.

Now, seriously. Go vacuum.
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