Sunday, March 27, 2011

Six Things on a Sunday

1. It's snowing. We have two inches. I am offended and outraged, all the while realizing that my offense and outrage is pointless. I would just feel better if I could send an angry letter to someone in charge.

2. I'm working on the book trailers for both THE SCORPIO RACES and FOREVER. (those who know me will know that I did animated trailers for Linger, Shiver, and Ballad) As with all of my trailer-making experiences, the process has involved many things I didn't expect. Like puppets. Why am I making puppets? Also, I'm being forced to google "video of woman picking up dropped keys" in an attempt to accurately depict someone crouching.

3. When you google anything involving "woman," "picking," and "up," you get a million videos which advise you how to pick up women. Or men. Or anything that might kiss you back.

4. Right now, Bologna Book Fair just began, where many many many children's books will be sold into foreign markets in a very short period of time. Fascinating stuff.

5. I have no number five.

6. Teaser rough animation from my SCORPIO trailer! 

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