Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Win a Writing Critique -- To Benefit Japan

I was going to write a long preamble to this post about how acutely I feel for kids in terrible situations, and how the news about Japan has been absolutely heart-breaking, and how my best friend Tessa Gratton donated a critique through this site because she had lived in Japan and loved it and how events conspired for me to donate a writing critique as well, but I'll just cut and paste from the auction blog with the details.

Basically, you have 72 hours to bid. Leave your bids in the comment on the auction blog post; bidding's open until April 2nd.

Here is the cut and paste bit:

From NYT bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater: a critique. Or perhaps more detailed:

"$50 and under for the winning bid, I'll do a 5 page crit.
$100 and under, one chapter (3000 words).
$250 and under, three chapter critique (9,000 words).
Anything over $500, 15,000 word critique.
$1,000 and over, 20,000 word critique, a signed copy of Shiver, Linger, Lament, and Ballad, and a Linger tank-top."

If the amount for any reason goes obscenely over $1,000, I will continue thinking of things to add to the pot until bidding closes.

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