Monday, May 16, 2011

Winners! winners! Winners!

I know y'all don't care about any intro to this, so I will merely cut to the chase and post the winners of the giant FOREVER contest!

We had over 800 entries for the first five prizes, and over 200 for the last two, so thank you, guys, muchly, for spreading FOREVER love across the internet! 

Signed bookmarks: starryeyedjen, Sarahjane Larkin, aleib1, safaripoet, and Dana Joyce Moore

Wolves from the FOREVER trailer: MrsChristensen, Donna.Stelloo, ILikeTheseBooks, inee_, mouse909, and Megan Thiesse

So, winners of bookmarks and wolves, email me: StiefvaterReaderMail AT (remove AT and put in @). Make sure you put CONTEST WINNER in the subject line, and in the e-mail, make sure you include your mailing address and what you've won. It makes prizes arrive a lot faster when I don't have to rely on my sketchy memory.

And the winners of the top 5 prizes:

Linger Tank Top Winners: Taylor_LeAnn_, wildshea, Cuda Fuad, and Ambur Hostyn 

Doodled in copy of Linger: cc.landess

A Shiver Keepsake Box with Goodies: Anita Ward


An EARLY COPY OF FOREVER:  chelsea.rose.detorres

And in perfect timing, I just got in my ARCs of THE SCORPIO RACES, so I'll be able to mail that out sooner than I expected. All of the prizes should be mailed out by the 30th at the latest.

A huge congrats! Thanks, guys!
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