Friday, June 3, 2011

The FOREVER Contest is Dead, Long Live the Contest

So I have winners from the Facebook and Twitter FOREVER contests! And I have one last one to announce, running until the 18th of June.

First of all, here are the winners of the last contest:

The twitter winner: @xox_eziii_xox

The facebook winner: Rae Lutsky

And now, the new (last!) contest. Three lucky winners will each get a signed ARC of FOREVER. However, since the last one was easy, this one is hard.

It's a Wolves of Mercy Falls art contest. Any sort of art is acceptable — photo, computer, hand-drawn, paper cut out, play-doh, singing a song, doing a dance, throwing an impromptu Shiver skit on the steps of Town Hall and video-taping it — BUT it must have zippo copyright infringements. That means if you use anyone else's photos or material, they must be available through Creative Commons (and no, I will not explain Creative Commons. You should google it, because everyone should be familiar with it). You may quote lines from the book. But, it means if you were thinking of re-doing the cover with M&M's on your kitchen floor, you should reconsider and do something original. Well, actually, that might be cool . . .

This is NOT a random contest, it is a judged one (though possibly not by me. I might ask one of my friends who will not be biased in any way).

1. To enter, the art has to be visible to third parties. That means it has to be on a public blog (like Blogger, Livejournal, etc.) or on DeviantArt or something like that. Facebook and Twitter don't count on this one.

2. Somehow label that sucker as art inspired by the books — if you want to link back here, that's cool, or to the books, doubly cool, but you don't have to.

3. Then go to this website and post the link for where the judge can see it:


I feel I have to make that large and black. Otherwise I always have to end up disabling comments and people don't know how to ask questions then.

Okay, what else? Because of publishers' ARC rules, it is international, but ONLY if you have a U.S. address for me to ship to. It runs through June 18th, 9:15 a.m. EST.

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