Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Signed and Doodled in FOREVERs.

I cannot believe that it is less than two weeks until FOREVER comes out. CANNOT. BELIEVE.

I also cannot believe that it is less than two weeks until I trust my health and safety to my '73 Camaro as I set off on my 3,700 mile road trip book tour.

But believe it or not, it is happening.

So, I think this is getting to be the last time that I can say that if you are not near any one of these dots (each of which represent a future Maggie present in that place some time in 2011)

and you want to buy one of these

With a front page I have done THIS to

now is the time to order your copy of FOREVER from Fountain Bookstore, my favorite local independent bookstore.

Every pre-order from Fountain Bookstore will be signed in and doodled on (this goes for pre-orders of THE SCORPIO RACES, too, although that doesn't come out until November 18th). At the very latest, I will be signing and doodling the FOREVER shipment on the 11th of July (depending on when they get theirs in), which means that you will get your signed, doodled copy only a few days later than you could buy it ordinarily.

Why do I do this? Well, first of all, because I know I can't drive everywhere on my tour (because my car might die, for starters, and because I might die, for lasters) and I know that not everyone can drive 17 hours to the closest Maggie signing to get their book signed. And second of all, because it makes a big difference to an indie bookstore to have all these pre-orders go through their doors. And both of those things make me feel good.

So if you would like to pre-order, their website is here:

And they will ship overseas, but you'll have to e-mail them for that, I believe.

ZOMG July. Is. This. Friday.
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