Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forever Tour, Day One, in Photos

So I have crashed for the evening after an incredible, incredible launch party in Tyson's Corner and I'm sort of so tired that Tessa (Gratton) and I just spent 40 minutes staring at the room service card trying to decide how to order eggs and a pot of tea in the morning, but the day was too cool not to share. But I have no more words, so photos will have to do.

Old Loki and BlueLoki. Old Loki is getting ready to be sold and BlueLoki is getting ready to be packed.

BlueLoki and Old Loki

These things must all go into the car. Including that girl and that hammer.

Packing for the tour!

People at the launch! They were fantastic (well, some of them were you reading this. you were fantastic).

People at the launch!

More peoples at the event.


I gave away the Sharpie guitar to a lucky raffle winner!!

Guitar winner!

I am not good at looking professional when Tessa photographs me!

Happy at her work

We gave away a lot of swag!

Is that really my face?

Sulaiman Azimi sang his version of "Summer Girl" for the crowd.

More to come, as always, including video hijinks. Tomorrow is Philly. Goal: Stop having traumatic flashbacks to Ferris Bueller's Day Off every time we have to valet park BlueLoki.

Thanks, guys, for making the launch such a memorable experience . . . what an amazing, amazing few years this has been.
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