Friday, July 29, 2011

Here are 10 Things I Did on My Summer Vacation

And by summer vacation, I mean, last five days.

1. Had two events in Minnesota, one in Miami, one in Kansas City, and one in St. Louis, all populated by fantastic people who knew who I was.

2. Embraced Lover for the first time in 15 days, as he flew in to Minneapolis to take over co-pilot duties from Tessa.

3. Tried to fit Tessa, Natalie, Lover, and I and Tessa, Natalie, Lover, and my luggage into Loki for the drive through Iowa.

Trying to Fit Four People into Loki

4. Rented a car.

5. Finally bought a GPS.

6. Ignored the GPS.

7. Simmered when, 50 miles outside St. Louis, the air conditioning on Loki suddenly stopped working.

8. Discovered a giant hole in Loki’s air conditioning condenser.

9. While still in St. Louis, found a place with a part to fix Loki’s air conditioning.

10. In Nashville, my next tour stop. Six hours away.

It’s going to be a long drive.

While I sweat, you can watch a video of Tessa and I in Wisconsin, trying to determine where all these Vikings came from.

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