Saturday, August 13, 2011

Playlist for FOREVER

I've been asked a gagillion times in the past year to share my playlist for FOREVER, and I finally, finally have done it. Part of the problem was the length of it — I have to listen to music while I write, and usually the list is quite short, but with FOREVER, I had to narrow it down from 193 songs.

Here it is. As always, if you love a song, please buy a legal copy of it and support the artist.

The Forever playlist

  1. "Comes and Goes (In Waves)"—Greg Laswell
  2. "No One's Gonna Love You"—Band of Horses
  3. "Green Hills Race for California"—Emerson Hart
  4. "Canvas"—Imogen Heap
  5. "Samson"—Regina Spektor
  6. "The Dragon"—The Guggenheim Grotto
  7. "New Slang"—The Shins
  8. "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"—Fleet Foxes
  9. "First Floor People"—Barcelona
  10. "Librarian"—My Morning Jacket
  11. "Sort Of"—Ingrid Michaelson
  12. "Never Bloom Again"—The Perishers
  13. "Powerlines"—Western States Motel
  14. "33"—Great Northern
  15. "Miner's Lamp"—Steve Reynolds
  16. "Kings Horses"—JET
  17. "Honey Honey"—Feist
  18. "Winter Song"—Sara Barilles & Ingrid Michaelson
  19. "Lille"—Lisa Hannigan
  20. "I and Love and You"—The Avett Brothers
And here's the lot of it sorted into a playlist on iTunes.

Not everything was available on for sampling, but here's most of it.

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I also have a rather disorganized and louder collection of music that I used to write Cole's scenes, but I'm not certain that will be as universally liked . . .

ETA: okaaaay, but don't say I didn't warn you. Here's the Cole/ Isabel playlist (and here it is on iTunes).

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