Thursday, August 11, 2011

THE SCORPIO RACES: trailer and advanced review copy contest!

It's been hard to know when to start talking about THE SCORPIO RACES. I had to keep it very quiet while I was writing it, and then FOREVER murmuring began and then I was on tour, and so it never seemed to be the right moment.

Well. Now it is a moment for THE SCORPIO RACES.

The book started as a short story written for a tiny anthology I did with the Merry Sisters of Fate, back when we began. It's based on a legend I've always loved (Irish water horses) and deals with two character types I adore. A fierce girl with loads of brothers (I have lots of brothers myself) and a Mr. Darcy sort of love interest (my first Mac was named Mr. Darcy. You know, difficult to get to know but worth it in the end. GET IT?). It's about a deadly horse race run at the base of chalk cliffs, and it is all about siblings, repressed love, and revenge. I spent months researching cliffs and islands and Irish horse racing and buns made with lots of honey to write this novel, and it's basically the most me novel that I've ever written. You can find a full description here.

My sister and I went into the studio earlier this year to record the music for the trailer and had more fun than humans should have. The track involved stomping, clapping, an instrument called the "Vibra-tone," and smacking drum sticks and mallets on lots of things that weren't supposed to be smacked. And then the trailer involved acrylic paint, a lot of transparency paper, a lot of tracing paper, and a brush too manky to be very useful (while I was on tour, all my good brushes moved away).

SCORPIO TRAILER Animation Worksheet2SCORPIO Trailer animation worksheetCrows in Tails for Scorpio

So here it is. The trailer.

As usual, I'm running the trailer contest for a chance to get one of three advanced review copies of THE SCORPIO RACES. They'll be doodled in and personalized. I cannot send the advanced review copies overseas, but I'm not going to disqualify international entries. If the winner lives overseas but can provide me with a U.S. address, I'll send the ARC to them. If the winner lives overseas but don't have a U.S. address, I will send something else Cool to them and award the ARC to another U.S. address.

The way to enter is easy -- just embed the trailer on your blog or post it on your Facebook or Twitter (you may say whatever you like about the trailer)(you can also post a link to where you can pre-order a signed, doodled in copy of THE SCORPIO RACES, but it's not required: I'd merely love you forever).

Then let me know where you posted it, along with your contact details

<------ click! click! click!

You can tell it's the place to enter the contest because I made it giant and bold. COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG ARE NOT ENTRIES!! You can tell that's true as well, because it's also in bold.

It's one entry per place that you post it: if you post it on your blog, facebook, and twitter, that is three entries. These contests tend to get huge and unwieldy, so please use common sense when deciding what constitutes an entry. Posted on your Wordpress blog? Yes. Posted on your mom's gallbladder support forum? No.

The contest runs from now until August 21st. I'll notify the winners, but please do check back on the blog to see if you've won. I will be ruthless about re-awarding the prizes if I don't get an email from the winners within 2 days, because I'm taking off for AUSTRALIAN TOUR on the 25th and I want to have these all mailed out before I'm away from my desk for a month.

I always seem to forget some part of contest posts, but I think I got the important bits. I should mention that there is another contest running for an ARC over at Merry Sisters of Fate, and it ends tomorrow night. That's here.

I believe I am now done talking about THE SCORPIO RACES for now.

ETA: I knew I would forget something. Here is the code for embedding the video on your blog (on Facebook, just post the link and it should appear properly). You'd post this code into the html view when you compose your blog post:

<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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