Monday, August 8, 2011

So Now We Come to the End (Well, Sort of)

And by "end," I mean the end of the FOREVER U.S. tour. And by "sort of," I mean that I'm heading off for my Australian, German, and French tour dates in two and a half weeks (details on that here) so that means I'm practically still on tour.

But still, it's end of the road trip part of the tour, and I first of all have to say a huge thanks to you guys. 75% of every audience was people I knew from my blog or Twitter or Facebook, and it was fantastic to be able to meet people have been with me for this entire crazy journey.

I know there were still a lot of blog readers who didn't get to see me at one of my tour stops, and I wanted to do something for folks who couldn't make it to an event. I have some leftover Fun Things from the tour. Namely, these things:

A few keychains.

My cool keychains! Made of genuine pleather! If you want one, just take a picture of yourself holding one of my books and send it to me along with a self addressed, stamped envelope, and I'll mail a keychain back to you. I get a smiling face, you get a keychain. Send all those here: P. O. Box 1448, King George, VA 22485. I'll keep sending them out until they're all gone.

Speaking of things that were sent in the mail, I did come home to this in my mail box.




I suppose it is. FINE. But I'll have you know, I never speed.


It's finally starting to sink in that FOREVER is the end of the trilogy and the U.S. tour is all done: 17 tour stops, 2 co-pilots, 238 gallons of gas, 4,000 miles, and one air conditioning condensing coil later. Here's the last video of the tour, with music courtesy of Brad Sucks (huge thanks to Brad -- if you love the song, please find it on iTunes or wherever you buy music!)

And if you missed the other tour videos, here are the links.

1. The Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania

2. Into Every Life, a Little Construction Must Fall

3. A Day in the Life

4. Caves, Geodes, and Other Nifty Things

5. Look at that Animal!

6. Hotels with Lifeboats and Beds with Ladders

7. Nordic Style!

8. Maggie and Tessa at Wild Rumpus

9. Lions, Tigers, and . . . Binturongs?

Now, just to finish that novel and THE SCORPIO RACES book trailer before I leave for Australia.

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