Monday, September 12, 2011

Three Words: Maggie. GERMANY. Monday.

Is it Monday? I . . . think it is Monday. Well, not in Australia. I think it's Tuesday there. On Sunday, after spending three delightful but action-packed weeks in Australia on tour, I jumped on a plane so that I could get to Germany for my events there. Only, Germany is a far way away from Australia, turns out. So first I flew 8 hours to Singapore and waited 3 hours and then flew 14 hours to London and then waited 3 hours and then flew two hours to Munich, which is where I am now.

And I have to say, it was a weird sort of day. Usually I am the sort of person who just takes things in stride, but every so often, I'm struck by the way that my books have changed my life. Today was one of those days. I was sitting in the plane on the runway in London, looking at the bus that had just brought me to it, and I thought I am on a world tour. Again. I am sitting in a very nice seat on a plane in LONDON eating a hard-boiled egg and editing my next novel on my way to GERMANY and I was just in SINGAPORE for three hours for crying out loud and it's all because of my books.

And because I was sleep-deprived or maybe because I had been away from home for three weeks or possibly because I'd just watched X-Men: First Class or maybe, just maybe, because I'd been living on hard-boiled eggs and tea for the last 28 hours, it seemed like a strange and marvelous and surreal thing.

Anyway, now I am in Germany, trying to figure out what time my body clock thinks it is (my bedside radio says it's 5:26 p.m. My computer says it's 11:26 a.m. My watch says it is 1:26 p.m. It is all of those times, somewhere in the world). And this is the view from my hotel window.

And it's pretty much impossible to really take in, even standing on my balcony looking at it. These mountains look like they ate my Virginian mountains for breakfast. My German publishers have incredibly kindly arranged for a lot of sight-seeing and down time as I'm about ready to drop at the moment, and I'm very grateful. If you're interested in seeing me in Ingolstadt, Freising, Hamburg, or Bamberg, the details are here.

So I am going to go sit on my balcony and smile at the world and possibly re-read ANANSI BOYS by Neil Gaiman which I just read this week and I love dearly (blog post to come on that).

And thank you, readers, for making my life a weird and wonderful and surreal one.
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