Monday, April 23, 2012

Maggie Does Texas. And California!

I apologize for my blog radio silence. You don't have to tell me that I've been bad. The weight of my shame dogs my footsteps. That said, it's not entirely without reason. I've been on the road since the 13th (I'm now in that stage of touring where time feels imaginary, which is why I'm posting on my blog at 3 a.m. in the morning), and in lieu of any actual words left in my brain, I'll show some pictures. My first step on the tour was Houston Teen Book Con, which I attended with my fellow Scholastic authors Siobhan Vivian (The List) and Elizabeth Eulberg (Take a Bow). After an action packed day of panels back-to-back, we were supposed to rent a car and drive to Austin to meet our editor, David Levithan, and have an event there. I figured that when Scholastic meant "rent a car," they meant, rent this:

So I did. Siobhan, Elizabeth, and I blasted up the highway from Houston to Austin at nearly the speed limit sometimes and then we arrived in Austin in time for an event at Book People. You see us here with David moderating.

Then David tried to drive the Camaro back (I fought him for the keys and lost). But you can see that the Camaro took its own revenge. It's not designed for Davids. Camaros are designed for Maggies. (As you can see from this photo which is NOT from this week but rather three weeks ago when I took my real-life, non-rented, much-older Camaro to the track):

This is what happens with Davids behind the wheel:


Then it was time to drive back to Houston for TLA. I think my favorite event there was the Scholastic Breakfast. I remember when a crowd this size would've made me hide under a table.


The reason I loved this event, aside from the fantastically passionate Texas librarians, is the format. It was a Reader's Theater, which meant that the authors were assigned a role from a scene in each book, and together, we acted them out with fairly hilarious results. Some of us were thespians. Others of us were just hams. (This is Elizabeth Eulberg, me, Michael Northrop, and Augusta Scattergood).


And it was also the first event ever where I talked about The Raven Boys in public. We acted out a scene that nobody else has heard, which was fairly awesome and terrifying.


The day was closed out with the YART dinner, where all of the authors got together and milled with librarians. I don't drink, but I'm aware these photos of Siobhan, Elizabeth, and I, will not convince you of this.


Then it was on a plane to California! Siobhan and I met up with Libba Bray and Pete Hautman (winner of the LA Times Book Award!! whoo, Pete!) Our first event was at Mrs. Nelson's, a delightful indie. We did blog interviews first.


We'd admired our wall of books second.


Then we had another panel, moderated/ barely controlled by David again.

Then it was time for the LA Festival of Books. Two action-packed days of signing and panels. And lots of sunshine, which is nice. Why aren't more book things outdoors? Oh, right, because they aren't all in California. Alas. Alack.  

Anyway, that brings me to today. To 3 a.m. California time. Now I'm meeting up with fellow Printz honoree Daniel Handler and Printz winner John Corey Whaley for another three days of events in LA and San Francisco. Okay, that's a lie. David & I actually already met with Corey, and I have photos on my phone of him not enjoying sushi. But they're the sort of bad photos of contorted faces that you save for blackmail later. Or at least I do.
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